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About Truple - Screenshot Accountability

Truple is the best tool available in the fight against pornography. It holds you accountable in a way that's near impossible to bypass by capturing and sharing screenshots with your accountability partner. If other apps have failed you, this is the one that will work.

Quotes from real customers
I just wanted to say a big thank you for making this app. I'm an analyst programmer who has been trying to quit pornography. Because of my skillset, I can find my way through the loopholes of what other, similar apps pick up and flag in reports to accountability partners (I.e. keywords), but with your app, there are no loopholes, just total transparency. Your app has been the only one that has worked for me, and I'm currently on a 7+ day successful streak. - Bob Stone
Truple changes the way I use my phone. Knowing that Truple is always watching ends up preventing judgement lapses—I now avoid anything questionable with ease. - Elias McAndee
This was the App that made it seem like my husband could have a smartphone and keep some accountability. So many others are easy to get around, but the potential of a screen shot at any moment seemed to stick. - Judy Roberts
I feel safer on my phone then I do in my street - Guard Your Eyes

Use it to:
• Protect and train loved ones to avoid negative content online
• Rebuild trust in a relationship damaged by pornography
• Assist a loved one in their recovery efforts against pornography and other online addictions

(New 7/8!) End to End Encryption -- Keeps your data secure with an additional layer of encryption that you control. Must be enabled.
• Immediate alerts sent to accountability partner when bad site/app used.
• Truple for MacOS, Linux, Kindle, Chromebook, iOS!
• Web Filter and App Blocker included
• Review Screen time & app usage
• Websites visited reported
• View event timeline, understand exactly what's occurring between screenshots.
• Screenshots are immediately captured if a "bad" website or app is used
• Screenshots captured every 30 seconds to 5 minutes on average (configurable)
• Screenshots risk ratings so you can easily view the most concerning screenshots
• Works for snapchat, facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr, etc.
• Captures SMS texts, whatsapp messages, kik messages, chat rooms, etc.
• Alerts sent when private browsers used
• View screenshots in real time
• (Optional) Pause for specific apps
• (Optional) Redact text (black out words) from images to maintain privacy while staying accountable*
• (Optional) Blur screenshots (with 3 different level settings) to protect accountability partners from graphic details
• Doesn't capture screenshots from most banking apps, and over 8000 banking websites. If you find a banking app or website that is being captured, please let me know and I'll update asap.
• Secure--all communication is done over HTTPS and screenshots are encrypted with 256 bit AES
• Advanced tamper detection, including incognito/private browser, safe mode and more.

* Redacts most text, but not guaranteed to redact all

If you find the app stops on it's own, please see for instructions to adjust app permissions to ensure it runs properly.

14 day free trial, use filter2020 promo code!

Subscription is $5 / month. To sign up, visit To cancel, visit Please note, uninstalling the Truple app will not automatically cancel your account.

This app uses Accessibility services. It uses the BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE permission in order to know which apps are used and which websites are visited.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. The Device Administrator permission is used to inform accountability partners about users attempts to uninstall Truple.

Great accountability app. Administrator is always ready to address the problems of which there have been very few.
Bob Enns
It's a great app and with a good accountability partner, super affective. I would recommend it greatly :)
Ian Clark
This app has been extremely helpful. The company is super easy to get in contact with for any questions and quick to help with any issues that pop up. Highly recommend.
Colt Farmer