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About Kreative - Brainstorming

Kreative is an application designed to stimulate the creativity of its users through the well-known brainstorming tool, which offers the possibility of creating original ideas in response to challenges or problems.

In it you will find a series of words that you can observe one by one or randomly, you can bookmark the ideas that you consider relevant regarding your challenge. You can also take notes on each idea!

Finally, you will be able to graphically and orderly visualize a mind map with your challenge and your new ideas, thus obtaining a more global vision. In this mind map you can edit and add words, change the size and color of shapes, and share with your friends or team!

Kreative is an application that using scientifically proven methods will help you when you have no more ideas to develop new ones, plan and organize them in a practical and simple way.

Instructions for use:
1. State your challenge or problem.
2. Associate your challenge with ideas by pressing play or sliding one by one.
3. Discover new words to associate your challenge or problem through brainstorming.
4. Imagine for a couple of minutes how this combination might make sense.
5. Save the ideas that make the most sense as favorites and take notes.
6. Get a Mind Map as a result of your new ideas, which you can edit by adding or modifying words, change the color and size of each piece!
7. Share your Mind Map with your friends or work team!

With this brainstorming tool you can improve your creativity and exercise your puzzle solving skills!

Unleash your creativity now!

With just 15 minutes of use, I realized that this is an excellent app! Just type your most difficult problem as a question, and hit cards. Thanks builders
Bilal Hamid
Brainstorm creative ideas easily! It helped me with many original solutions. Great app!
Kovari Inge