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About Pharmlator

Pharmlator is a 3D digital game learning app for the professional pharmacists, the senior and even junior students who seek experienced medical and pharmaceutical training knowledge.
The best features of this realistic training game are that it is very attractive and anyone can play it easily. It’s a serious gaming app that serves as a medium to promote health professions and provide an opportunity to enhance your knowledge. It is a 3D drug store app with real marketed drugs in your country.

Let’s talk about its features one by one so that everyone can understand its working rules in a flexible way.

Through your exciting experience you will enjoy:
• The Two moods of the game (Rx and OTC) and several levels.
• A guiding mentor that gives you hints and tips with practical techniques before, through and after each level.
• The Scoring system is applied according to the performance of players.
• A time bar that is always encourages you to complete your mission on time or else your score will be eaten up.
• Each mood is a simulation to the real pharmacy life.
• The Rx mood provides you with real prescriptions with marketed drugs and wonderful challenges while collecting the medications from the 3d pharmacy.
• Over The Counter (OTC) mood is a clinical scenario between you and the patient and you are challenged to give the proper consultation to each case according to the clinical condition of the patient.
• Don’t forget, there will always be a mentor helping you according to the updated guidelines.
• The game will help you by checklists, hints to computerised he difficult handwritten prescription, algorithmic charts and assessment of your progress within each level.
• Drug data base for each prescription is supplied after your collection for the drugs to help you boost your knowledge about each medication and to establish the clinical data for each case.
• Reading the drug info will increase your score and your grade in the end of the game.
• Don’t forget to label the medication in our game, it is challenging but with the help of the appearing prescription when needed it will be a collecting points part of the game.
• How much information a player has absorbed in all levels will show up by scoring scale of performance
• Pharmlator is the best pharmacy app for both iPhone and Android users
• With all these structured features to enhance the training experience in a based game learning technique hence, it is still a limited version that will go beyond anyone expectations in the full version by the introduced by professional experts.

So after reading the fantastic features of the Pharmlator best 3D drug gaming app, what are you waiting for? Download this super fast pharmacist digital drug game and enjoy it activity.

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Very useful & intellegant app
Menna Samir