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About Flamenco Compas DEMO

"Flamenco Compás DEMO" offers all the rhythms of flamenco, recorded, edited and mixed by excellent flamenco professionals, providing excellent sound quality, the best on the market. Palmas, drawer, knuckle and tambourine. Take all the flamenco mood on your mobile, without samples or artificial sounds.

This is our DEMO version, with limited time of reproduction, so you can test the audio quality we offer. In the paid version, in addition to the unlimited time, you will find more loops updated frequently.

All rhythms: alegrías, bulerías, fandangos, jaleos, seguiriya, soleá, tangos, tientos, rumba, sevillanas, tanguillo, zapateado, etc.

Flamenco clock: display it to visualize the beats, ideal for beginners or to practice complicated variations.

Easy to use, our application is 100% intuitive, without complicated options or tedious configurations.