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About InstaDrum - Be a Drummer Now

A fast and fun way to learn drums - works with any Electronic drums. Simply use your fingers or grip your drumsticks and do some cardio with your favourite music.

InstaDrum is a drum learning app that allows you to instantly learn your favourite songs from scratch. It will standardize your learning process and help you to take your first step of drum journey!

InstaDrum works with any Electronic drums, no matter if it's a drum set, a roll up pad or a drum machine, they all work. Want to play drums without having drums? We have the on-screen pocket virtual drum for you.

- Smart interaction with drums, instant feedback from the app.
- Includes courses & songs for different musical tastes and playing levels.
- Learn the basics step-by-step from a fun play to actual playing.
- Suitable for all ages, no previous knowledge required to learn drums.
- Gain the skills to read music, even outside of the app.

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device, all you need is the InstaDrum, and you are about to go.

What’s included in InstaDrum:
- Course: A set of courses from beginners to professionals. Learn a groove in a few minutes, play new songs in every lesson. Videos, games, reading music and song playing, four steps, so that you can learn easily and have fun.
- Song: Tons of songs that can be learned and played. Each song is divided into a number of levels, which correspond to the course level. You can follow the "Learn" function in the song to learn every Groove and every Fill involved in the song. After learning, you can play the whole song in the "Play" function to get the rating and our instant feedback.

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