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About Musora

Musicians start here.

We make it easier to play the songs you love by combining great teachers, organized
lessons, and practical technology with student-centered communities.

METHOD provides step-by-step curriculum. We simplify your learning experience with step-by-step video lessons you can trust -- always taught by world-class teachers.

SONGS helps you play the songs you love. Nothing is better than playing real music. Musora students gain access to practice tools for playing popular songs from all eras and styles.

COACHES gives you motivation and support. Get direct access to reach teachers whenever you have a question -- along with friendly peers and engaging community events.

MENTORS gives you personal guidance for a better music lessons experience, including support in:

Finding the right lesson
Troubleshooting the tech
Choosing songs to play next
Answering music-related questions

Or… supporting you with whatever else gets in the way of your musical goals.

Mentors understand the musical journey you’re on personally, and we’ll assign you a mentor right after you sign up!

The Musora App is everything we’ve learned from supporting students in Drumeo, Pianote, Guitareo, and Singeo over the years, all for one low price.

Musora is trusted by over 185,000 students to help them achieve their musical dreams.

Join us today without risk by starting a free trial!

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This is an amazing source for Music education. Love it 👍
Kapila Sudesh
First person to review the Musora app whoop! I love what the company has done and my Pianote membership has now become a four way split - although apart from the cajon, I don't think I'll ever be a drummer! ...
Benjamin Cazin