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About HTML For Beginners

HTML For Beginners focuses on providing the basic knowledge about HTML 5 to you all at one place. HTML code is used to create webpages of websites/web applications. Therefore, this step by step tutorial with HTML comments will guide you to understand the basics of HTML from ground base.

Learn HTML which is today's most in-demand language on your mobile phone for free. No prior experience in programming or development is required for learning HTML. With our app you'll be able to code right away in HTML in almost no time at all. Most of our HTML codes are explained with HTML comments for better understandability for the user.

This app can be used by anyone whether you a student, employee or business person to learn HTML. We've covered all the basics to make sure that you understand everything about website development.

Key Features:

* Output Oriented
Each programs comes with their respective outputs. So, you can see the result on the spot.

* Dark Theme
We know you are a programmer and we have created a theme to diminish the strain from your eyes!

* Intuitive UI
App is easy to navigate for everybody and can be used by a newbie very easily.

* Pocket size
App is of tiny size and doesn't take much storage space even in low-end devices.

Now you can start learning HTML for free with the help of this tutorial app which has been brought to you by TechNark

Cool app oo i like it and am also a app dwveloper i need my child to.become me<>
Muhammad Aminu
I am so happy to find this app as I don't know where to use which tag and attributes. But now my all doubts are clear and I can do html coding easily
Jhanak Aggarwal
Best app ever very useful and functional
Yoel Amanuel