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About Screen Orientation Control

This is an application that fixes the screen in a specific orientation or rotates according to the sensor, regardless of the attributes of the displayed application.
You can change the screen orientation from the notification area. It is also possible to associate a specific application with the screen orientation and switch settings when the application starts.
Not all settings are available because some screen orientations are not supported by some devices.

Because this app forcibly changes the display of the running application, it can become inoperable or, in the worst case, cause a crash.
Please use at your own risk.

How this app works

This application displays the UI on a layer above other general applications.
It's transparent, no size and untouchable, so it's invisible to the user, but by changing the screen orientation requirements of this UI, it has a higher priority than apps that are normally visible to the user. The OS recognizes it as a high instruction.

In addition, this application will remain resident in the background to display the UI even after it is closed.
Therefore, the UI that resides in the notification bar is displayed. This is because Android rules need to display something in the notification bar in order to stay in the background.

Due to this mechanism, there are some restrictions.
- Although it can change the display of the notification bar, it cannot hide. I often request that you want to turn off the display, but please note that this is impossible due to the system.
- The system may recognize that it is the cause of battery consumption. In that case, this application may be terminated. If the app quits frequently, you may be able to avoid it by setting power saving, so please check the settings of your device.
- Since it has a UI above other apps, it may be recognized as an app that induces unauthorized operations. Therefore, this application may be detected and a warning may be displayed or operation may be prohibited. This app is not such an app, but please note that it will be an unavoidable problem as long as it uses the same mechanism as the fraudulent app.

Settings possible with this application

The following settings are possible
- Unspecified orientation from this app. Device will be the original orientation of the displayed app
force sensor
- Rotate based on sensor information
- Fixed to portrait
- Fixed to landscape
rev port
- Fixed to reverse portrait
rev land
- Fixed to reverse landscape
sensor port
- Fixed to portrait, automatically flip upside down by sensor
sensor land
- Fixed to landscape, automatically flip upside down by sensor
lie left
- Rotate it 90 degrees to the left with respect to the sensor. If you lie on left lateral and use it, the top and bottom will match.
lie right
- Rotate it 90 degrees to the right with respect to the sensor. If you lie on right lateral and use it, the top and bottom will match.
- Rotate 180 degrees with respect to the sensor. If you use this by headstand, the top and bottom will match.

Trouble shooting
- If you can not fix in the opposite direction of the portrait / landscape, try changing the system setting to auto-rotate

Source code is published under the MIT license.

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