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Wide Launcher - 2x wider, tile free decorating Screenshot 1
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About Wide Launcher - 2x wider, tile free decorating

Wide Launcher is a totally different concept from the standard, existing launchers for Android. The home screen is expanded twice as wide, and you can place an array of items for use on the screen.

Use the provided various palettes and applets (mini-apps) to more easily utilize your smartphone, and decorate your homescreen with diverse wallpapers, frames, stickers, icons, and more.

Also, Wide Launcher even includes a pet room with more than 10 different types of Hellopets which you can keep on your home screen.

★Wide Home Screen★
1. Offers twice as wide a screen
2. Smooth scrolling with page breaks
3. Unrestricted app/object placement (not restricted to Tile view)

★Free & Diverse Decorative Themes★
1. 300 wide wallpapers
2. 200 decor stickers
3. 200 diverse app icon styles
4. 200 quality picture frames

★Intelligent Screen★
1. Automatically made app palette
2. Smart applet with diverse functions
3. Automated picture frames

★Social share theme★
1. Offers home screen share feature
2. Can easily download diverse themes

★Hellopet with 10mil Downloads★
1. Offers more than 10 Hellopets
2. Make your smartphone come to life with Hellopet!

★No ads★

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Wide Launcher?

Wide Launcher is a unique launcher for Android that expands the home screen twice as wide and allows users to place a variety of items on the screen.

What features does Wide Launcher offer on the home screen?

Wide Launcher offers twice as wide a screen, smooth scrolling with page breaks, and unrestricted app/object placement.

How can I decorate my homescreen with Wide Launcher?

Wide Launcher provides various palettes and applets for users to easily decorate their homescreens with diverse wallpapers, frames, stickers, icons, and more.

Are there any decorative themes available?

Yes, Wide Launcher offers 300 wide wallpapers, 200 decor stickers, 200 diverse app icon styles, and 200 quality picture frames to choose from.

Does Wide Launcher have any intelligent features?

Yes, Wide Launcher has an automatically made app palette, a smart applet with diverse functions, and automated picture frames.

Can I share my Wide Launcher homescreen?

Yes, Wide Launcher offers a home screen share feature, allowing users to easily share their customized homescreens.

How can I download diverse themes for Wide Launcher?

Wide Launcher provides an easy-to-use feature for users to download diverse themes.

What is the Hellopet feature in Wide Launcher?

Hellopet is a feature in Wide Launcher that offers more than 10 Hellopets, which can be kept on the home screen to make the smartphone come to life.

Does Wide Launcher have ads?

No, Wide Launcher is ad-free.
It's a good app just downloaded don't know how to use it
Guadalupe Caballero
Awesome!! This app has made my tablet super pretty with the backgrounds and stickers and such, and i used to really love hellopets so that's a bonus! Overall great app, would recommend to anyone!!
Hanabi Studios
Bad as it gets top
Jason Micheals
this is the best launcher ever I love it how it has widgets that my original launcher doesn't have. also I love how they organize your apps in folders instead of me organizing also the custom backgrounds and...
Peksks Ejdnnd
Neil Gipson
The app is amazing you look so cool but it is Lisa hard to figure out how to it set up your background but other than that everything looks so cool and I love it
Funtime Foxy's Channel