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About Olauncher | Minimal AF

This launcher frees you from distractions so you can focus on the things that actually matter. You should use your phone, not the other way round.

Also, you don't really need app icons. :D


We're NOT taking feature requests any more. Number of features are final in this app. If anything, we'll be removing the unimportant ones in the future.

If you like Olauncher, great! It's a free app which respects your privacy, doesn't collect any personal data and above all, has no ads. I spent hundreds of hours working on it. It makes me super happy that thousands of people find it useful. If possible, leave a 5-star rating with a good review, so that I can show it off on my stories. :D
If something's not working, send an email. Most importantly, if you don't like it or if it doesn't work for you, instead of leaving a bad review, just leave. Thank you for being so nice and understanding.


* Privacy focused
* No advertisement
* Ability to hide apps
* Daily new wallpaper
* Fast and lightweight
* Free and open source
* Double tap to lock screen (experimental)
* Barely any customization (yup that's a feature)

On some Android devices, apps are not allowed to lock phones normally without disabling bio-metric unlock. In those devices, when you double tap to lock, screen will go black and phone will lock itself after 5 seconds. During that time, you can double tap on screen to see your home screen. Please note that fingerprint unlock won't work for 5 seconds because phone is not actually locked yet.


* Swipe up for all the apps
* Swipe left or right to quickly open apps of your choice
* Long press on home apps to change them
* Long press on empty space to open settings (important)
* Long press on swipe left/right apps to disable them
* Tap Olauncher in settings to see your hidden apps

Once you long press anywhere and open settings, you'll see all the available options.
So basically, swipe and long press anywhere. That's it.


Olauncher is open source. Source code is available under GNU General Public License (GPLv3).

If you have any question/feedback regarding the app or source code, feel free to create an issue on Github or message me on Twitter (@tanujnotes). Please don't hesitate, especially if you're a beginner trying to learn stuff.

Made in India. Made for the world.

Tanuj M.

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Great AF
Cleaned and focused😎👍🏻
Vaibhav Bhapkar
This is just a fantastic launcher its what I have being looking for works a treat great job
Wayne Eastwood