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About Quick Proto

This free sketching app lets you do quick-and-dirty prototyping to try out (and share) user-interface ideas.

- Sketch a series of screens using your finger or a stylus.

- Link them together with hotspots.

- Hit "Play" and try out (or demo) your rough UI.

- Share your prototype as clickable HTML by email, Dropbox, etc.*

The goal of Quick Proto is to let you draw rough ideas as fast as possible - sketch, link, share, done.

Works on all screen sizes (phone, small tablets, big tablets). Better with a stylus, particularly the Samsung Note series.

This app is FREE and has NO ADS. I hope you find it a useful addition to your design toolkit. Feedback is very welcome; let me know how I can improve it to suit your workflow.

Permissions: Photo/media/files (external storage) - This is needed for sharing prototypes (see below).

* Sharing a prototype requires an SD card. Most recent devices include either an SD card slot or a "virtual" SD card, so this is probably only an issue on older Android devices.

This app was developed using B4A by Anywhere Software.

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Thanks for this apk, I'm a web dev too and I notice that you made a good job, juste add dark mode 😁
Jess Yote
Simplicity wins over everything else. Please add a few more simple options: Add geometric shapes. Add text tool. Import image & resize it to fit
Niyam Bhushan
Simple and effective. As an aspiring ux/ui designer, this is exactly what I need to begin creating low fidelity wireframes. Excellent app!
Very helpful for quick quick prototyping. Would love to see line and box tools to make drawings cleaner.
Patrick Sommer
Five minutes to learn , easy and clean.
Henry Nyemba
Great tool no frills tool to get a feel for a rough design. (if you can write so you can read it afterwards!)
Tim Barrett