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About Check Off - Reusable checklists made easy

A handy checklist app made for those lists that you reuse - groceries, travel checklists, step-by-step procedures, and so on.

Building a grocery list during the week? Find items quickly (you can sort 4 different ways) and tap to mark them as needed. Change quantities using a quick pop-up. Add notes for more detail. Assign apples and bananas to the Fruit & Veggies aisle, and milk and cheese to the Dairy aisle. Browse the full list to remind yourself of other things you need.

At the supermarket, tap "Use" to show only the items you marked, grouped by the aisles you've set up. No more scrolling up and down a long list - it's sorted to match the order of the aisles in your store.

Have a step-by-step procedure that you sometimes forget? Add the steps and order them by dragging and dropping. Organize long lists into separate groups, each with their own color coding. Expand and collapse groups to stay focused.

Need to share a list with your partner? Send a text version by email, instant messaging, SMS, etc. Import or export a list using a CSV file.

Tailor the UI to your needs - light/dark mode, show/hide quantity, show/hide notes.

Future features being considered (but not yet available):
- Syncing lists between people and between several devices
- Handling multiple sets of groups per list (e.g. different order of aisles in different supermarkets)

- No tracking of prices, coupons, etc.
- Not designed to be a to-do list for one-off tasks, so does not have features like Priority or Due Date.

This app is FREE with NO ADS. I designed it for myself; if you also find it useful, that's a bonus. :)

Developed using B4A by Anywhere Software

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Excellent App
Patrick Steven Kellar
Finally!! A simple checklist app that does all I want it to for tracking progress through a repeated daily routine. 😁
Dee Shelden
Please refrain from rating before you used the app. Dont repeat my mistakes, this app is worth 5 starts, measured to my needs.
Jakob Burger