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About Baby Names

Are you choosing the name for your child?
This app will help you!

With this app, you have easy access to a database with more than 3,000 names (and growing...). For every name you have the meaning, origins and popularity level (popular, median or rare).

Now you can choose the perfect name for your baby!

App features:

- Light, fast and easy to use;
- Name meanings;
- Name origins;
- Allows you to filter by name, by origin and by gender (girls or boys);
- Popular names vs rare names;
- Shorter names vs longer names;
- Allows you to create a favorites list, to ease your choice;
- You can also choose some favorites to be superfavorites (with a heart);
- Works offline (it doesn't depend on Internet connectivity).

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I love to pick baby names for my son's
Sonia Rodriguez
Sarah Marlow
Amy Robyn