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About CrossWords 10 Pro

CrossWords 10 Pro is the full version of CrossWords 10 puzzle.
It contains unique features:

No ads! Clean interface and less internet consumption.
More crosswords: You have all the 345 boards (4,140 unique words).
More help: You have infinite helping coins, and no limits of wrong letters attempted.
Non-stop: Possibility of playing more simultaneous crosswords without closing the previous ones.
Relax more: Full soundtrack with more songs (3x more songs than the free version).

Note: Although Google Play mentions "Contains ads" in the features of the app above, they are not displayed in the Pro version, meaning you will not see ads in this app.

Common features of CrossWords 10:

Light and practical: occupies little space on your phone;
Smart: selected words that will increase your knowledge;
Challenging: by difficulty level: Easy, Medium, Hard;
Help options: allows you to highlight wrong letters or filter the keyboard;
Relaxing: listen to the soundtrack while you play;
Responsive: many supported smartphones and tablets;
Fast evolution: 10x10 boards, small not to get bored;
Minimalist keyboard: only the necessary keys;
Assorted subjects: general knowledge, animals, geography, history, politics, music, philosophy, astronomy, famous artists, sports, languages, cuisine, curiosities, technology and others;
Educational: for children, teens or adults;
Always available: does not depend on internet access.

I love crossword puzzles. Graphics are good and the lay out is well thought. The easy level is exactly that, most people would manage, the hard levels take some thought. Very happy with this app, well done d...
Peter Weston
this is fun. something light & easy.
Christine V.
Great crosswords.
Ian Paternoster