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About Agrobase - weed, disease, insect

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Agrobase is the most popular app for farmers and agronomists. It includes agronomic knowledge database with pests, weeds and diseases catalog and all registered pesticides, insecticides, herbicides in a chosen country. 

Easily identify diseases, insects or pests in your field and find a hassle-free solution for crop protection. Save money on pesticides, fungicides or herbicides, aim for higher yield.

Agrobase is used among crop, vegetable, fruit, nut, horticultural and livestock farmers to reach higher farming productivity.

This app has been designed to be practical and easy to use in-field by Crop Advisors, Gardeners, Trainee Agronomists and Agricultural Students. Correctly identifying specific weed, disease or pest is the first step to effective control. 

This application features a rich and continuously updated database of weed, diseases, pest and insect, also including crop protection product descriptions with links – choose the right solution to a specific problem. It also provides information about crop protection product registration and expiry date, and the most importantly - efficiency on different issues.

This is a great help for agronomists, farmers, distributors or farm contractors to find product by their main ingredient, name, category or culture. In the field, a farmer or agronomist can easily identify weed, pest, insects or diseases by searching for their common name, Latin name, category or culture.

If, by any chance, incorrect descriptions or information about crop protection products, weeds, diseases or pest occur, please report the problem using Report button.

In our database pesticides from all crop protection manufacturers are included: BAYER, BASF, SYNGENTA, MONSANTO, DU PONT, NUFARM, Dow AgroSciences, Agan Chemical, ADAMA, Belchim, Cheminova, ISK, FCS, Stahler International, Barclay Chemicals, Arysta LifeScience,Rotam Agrochemical, AgriChem, Nissan Chemical, United Phosphorous Limited, Nisso Chemical, Sumitomo Chemical Agro.

➜ In this app you may find:
Weed ID, Diseases ID, Pest, Insect ID app for farms who are growing: Corn, Winter wheat,
Spring oats, Spring barley, Winter rye, Winter rape, Winter triticale, Beets, Buckwheat, Winter flax, Spring wheat, Winter barley, Spring rape, Spring triticale, Winter oats, Peas, Beans, Alfalfa, Canola, White mustard, Sunflowers, Soybeans, Rice, Almonds and other row crops (corn, cotton, rice, sorghum, soybeans, and wheat).

➜ In app you can also find different types of herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, adjutants, growth regulators, seed treatment, Foliar Nutrition and other pesticides for professional use in farms. 

➜ Choosing right pesticide you can use sprayer calculator, calibrator, calibration, sprayer tank mix, nozzle flow rate, tank mix rate, spray rate, fertilizer spraying, fertilizer application, chemicals mixed in the tank, agricultural applicators, agriculture, ag, agro, agri, tank mixing , Spray Logs, farm record keeping, plants, seeds, soil and water, water pivot, HGCA, basf, adama, bayer, syngenta and other companies. Other agroculture meanings like broad-leaved weeds, grass - weeds, young plant and mature plant growth stages. Tractor, tractors, harvester, harvesters, new holland, case, class, fend ant other farming equipment. 

➜ Also: weed spotter, insect spotter, pest spotter, diseases spotter, wheat, price, forecast, commodities, grain price, grain market, farm managing system, record keeper, farm, farmers, farming, farmer, log farm data, vermin, vermins.

Before downloading the app, don't forget to check if it provides your region language.

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This app is super ordinary
dahlia nyanga
Very useful
Amir Sami
If you don't want to pay at first, download low res photos database. Tremendous amount of information
N Zabak