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About Local News

News from around you. Local city news. Local News will show what happens near your location or a chosen place.

This app aggregates all news from local newspapers based on your position or near a town of your choice. It's the only tools that makes you aware of what happens around you.

If you're a commuter, you can easily add both your home place and work place to the list of places and get all news related to both places.
If you're an expat, you can easily keep in touch with your hometown events and local news!

To cover all the newspapers in the US, we need your help.
The app will ask you to send us suggestions of news sources to include for your area if it cannot find any. Please do so, we will add your mentioned source shortly (a day or two at most). Please suggest also any newspapers we might be missing anyway.
Thanks for your help!

Currently supported cities and regions:
* New York
* Boston
* San Francisco - Bay Area
* Los Angeles
* Seattle
* Phoenix
* New Orleans
* Baton Rouge
* Atlanta
* Kansas City
* Massachusetts
* Connecticut
* Chicago

Please help us by suggesting news sites for your location! Thanks!

I love it,it keeps me informed I don't have any TV and I'm very satisfied with the App
Nancy Canter
It's good to be able to see the news in the areas my family live and also my local news here at home. I do sometimes find it difficult to open up the stories so I just read the headlines I can see.
liz Markson
Great app! Fast and informative!
Ira Lockley