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About GPS Coordinates

Use this application to find the coordinates of your location using your device GPS, and store them taking a photo of your spot if needed.

Keep track of all visited locations and show them on map all together or by a group, with details like name, description, address, date, altitude, location and coordinates with respective photo if taken.

Coordinates are displayed with a basic format in decimal degrees (DD) and an auxiliary format which can be changed in application settings and is one of the following:
🌕 GPS Coordinates in Degrees, Minutes, Seconds (DMS)
🌕 GPS Coordinates in Degrees, Decimal Minutes (DDM)
🌕 GPS Coordinates in Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)
🌕 GPS Coordinates in Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)

Basic Application Features:
⚫ Export stored location list with coordinates and photo to the popular formats KML and GPX
⚫ Backup stored location with all kind of data included (photo , name, description, notes, value, date, coordinates , group etc.) to the zipped file, which is also shareable to others.
⚫ Restore every stored location with coordinates and photo from the zipped file
⚫ Save additional information like title, coordinates , description, notes, photo , value and group among with the location. You can choose this kind of information in application settings.
⚫ Create groups for better location categorization and grouping.
⚫ Share location with coordinates and respective photo if exist, via email and other methods.
⚫ View every stored location with coordinates and photo or location of a specific group on the map
⚫ Show location with coordinates and photo on Google Maps.
⚫ Store location, with or without photo , by selecting a spot on the map
⚫ Stamp the photo taken with location coordinates and date. Enable of disable this capability in application settings.

Coordinates and rest data are correlated to WGS84.

Have in mind that signal accuracy depends mainly on your GPS sensor quality and on outside weather conditions. So, try to use this application outside most of the time.

Simple and quite accurate
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