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About 3D SKill Board

Easily entering of hit points for each archer and always see the current score. The different archery courses and their targets as well as the archers need to be entered only once to start an event. After that they can be reused every time. The score results are stored within the app and can be sent to other archers per email too.
The automatically attached event file contains all necessary data (course, target, archers, hit details)to import the event in the app on another smartphone. So each archer can have his result in his own app very easily.

Main functionality:
x) Prepare data for event
-) create/delete/edit/import a course
-) create/delete/edit an archer
-) create/edit different arrow scores

x) Create an event
-) Enter hit for each archer and target
-) Enter target details

x) Scores:
-) View the stored events and their result
-) Change the entered results
-) sent result per mail
-) share result - Facebook, G+...
-) Import a complete event
-) Reopen event - if closed to early
-) Download new scores from central score directory

x) Parcours Wiki:
-) central parcours directory which can be maintained by the users itself
-) Users can rate and write comments for a parcours

Quick guide:

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