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About Squash Players

If there’s one thing all squash players have in common, it’s their love of playing squash against other squash players.

The Squash Players app is the easy and fun way to keep a lifelong record of the outcome of your squash matches, and so much more.

The Squash Players app doesn’t care if you’re an occasional social player, a retired player, a regular club player, or top squash pro.

To record a squash match, simply enter:

- The venue
- Your opponent
- The date
- The score

We aim for maximum flexibility with the scoring. We assume that the maximum number of games in a match is 3, and that at least 1 game has to be won for a match to be considered a match. Therefore the only scores that are NOT accepted are 0-0 and 3-3. All other combinations (including draws) are totally fine by us.

Match results you record will have a status of either Validated, or Not Validated.

When you enter a match result, its initial status will Pending. Your opponent will be alerted that you’ve recorded a match result. The match result is only moved to a status of Approved when your opponent agrees that the result is correct. If it’s not correct, they can suggest improvements, for your review.

Over time, we’ll be adding more and more statistical analysis - numbers and charts - of your match results.

Did you play at squash venue that isn’t in our (very young!) database yet? Great! Identify the venue, and it WILL be added to our database. Not only are you helping yourself, but you’ll be helping other squash players to more easily find squash venues in their locality.

Naturally you’ll be in complete control of your personal profile and match results, and if/when/how you decide to share with other squash players. We’ll take the opportunity to publicly share anonymised, aggregated squash activity data, e.g. number of squash matches played per country or region per time period. This will doubtless be of interest to squash players past, present, and future.

We’ve got lots of fantastic ideas for future development! That said, your feedback and ideas (and bug reports!) are massively appreciated, and will definitely help guide our development roadmap.

Please send any feedback, ideas, questions, bug reports, etc. to [email protected]



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One of the best app for Squash Players I have ever come across. Great App to store the squash results. One of the amazing feature of this app is to locate the squash venues near by our location! It is really...
Dishant Mehta
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Really good for storing scores for squash matches
Keyur Mehta
Great app for squash venue listings and keeping track of your scores.
Benjamin Townsend