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About Serial WiFi Terminal

'Serial WiFi Terminal' is a line-oriented terminal / console app for devices connected over WiFi.
In Addition to the usual ssh and telnet protocols, it also supports raw-sockets making it an ideal terminal for devices such as ESP8266 configured as WiFi to Serial bridge.

Supported protocols:
- ssh
- telnet
- raw sockets

For raw sockets these ESP8266 'WiFi to Serial' firmwares have been tested:
- Arduino -> Examples -> Esp8266WiFi -> TelnetToSerial
- GitHub -> jeelabs/esp-link

This app can also be used as Linux terminal, but is not a full full-blown terminal emulator as it is line-oriented and only supports a subset of escape sequences.

All features in this app are free. In-App purchase is only used for the 'Donate' option.

Good Job
Alireza Araby
Simple and solid app, does everything you'd want it to. The in-app purchases are just a built-in way for donations, and I recommend using them to help the dev if you have a penny or two. Amazing job 💞
Mohammad Lotfi