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About UWorld CFA

The UWorld CFA Level I Exam learning tool is designed to help you succeed on the CFA Level I Exam. Written by experienced charterholders who are skilled financial academics and industry professionals, our CFA Level I learning tool covers all Level I learning outcome statements (LOS). With relevant and up-to-date CFA concepts, practical illustrations, and in-depth explanations that accommodate all learning styles, you’ll have everything you need to pass the CFA exam.

User-friendly online exam interface
1,700+ instructive questions
Unlimited customizable practice tests
Content monitored and updated daily
Detailed rationales for all answer choices
Digital flashcards to customize study sets
Quickly identify strengths and weaknesses

At UWorld, we are committed to providing students with ONLY the best practice questions and explanations. That’s why over 1 million students have trusted us to prepare for their high-stakes exams. We developed the CFA Level I learning tool using those same proven methods to help you achieve your academic and career goals.

Please contact us at [email protected] for additional support, questions, or feedback.