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About IBM Micromedex Drug Ref

IBM Micromedex® Drug Reference is included free of charge to those who have an online subscription to IBM Micromedex® products.

*If you do not have an online subscription to Micromedex products, please instead download the non-subscriber version of this exact same app, called IBM Micromedex Drug Info for $2.99 a year. It’s a low-cost alternative for on-the-go access to Micromedex drug information.

Access to IBM Micromedex Drug Ref requires a password. Once you’ve downloaded the app, follow these instructions to obtain the password (which only needs to be entered once per year):

1. Login to IBM Micromedex® through your online subscription.
2. Click on the “Download Center” link near the top of the application.
3. Refer to the detailed downloading instructions, which include your password for activating the mobile app at no charge.

If you cannot locate the “Download Center” link, or have other questions related to this app, please contact support via

Access the evidence-based content you rely on in your Micromedex online solution, anytime, anywhere, via your Android device.

Micromedex Drug Reference provides clinical care professionals with on-the-go access to the industry’s most trusted drug information, when and where it’s needed most. Users will find peace of mind knowing the content is backed by the same thorough, unbiased editorial process as all Micromedex solutions.

Once content is downloaded or updated an internet connection is not required, allowing for access at anytime from anywhere.

The app is part of the Micromedex Medication Management apps bundle, which includes Micromedex Drug Interactions and Micromedex IV Compatibility. The trio is an inexpensive solution to your on-the-go medication management needs.

Micromedex Drug Reference contains concise information on 4500+ search terms, covering common needs such as:

• Adult and pediatric dosage
• Adverse effects (separated into “common” and “serious”)
• Drug interactions

As well as:
• Administration
• Black box warnings
• Breast feeding
• Common trade names
• Contraindications
• Dose adjustments
• Generic names, including selected combination products
• How supplied
• Indications (differentiated as “FDA labeled” and “non-FDA labeled”)
• Mechanism of action
• Monitoring
• Precautions
• Pregnancy category
• Therapeutic class
• Updated monthly
• Ability to use without a WiFi or cellular connection

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Full version. Have alot of information and refernces abt medicine
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loveable app
Sheda Muhammad
تطبيق مفيد جدا"
موسى الشرعبي