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About Graidup Math, Science, English Animations & Games

Graidup is the only educational app based on Ghana Education Service syllabus. It allows children to learn English language, Mathematics, and Science at their own pace. Kids learn with expert-created stunning animations, cartoons, rhymes, songs, interesting stories and quiz games.


1. Strictly based on GES syllabus

As graidup is based on the school syllabus, children can continue learning after school. If for some reasons a kid did not understand a topic in school, graidup gives them the opportunity to go over the topic and understand. Hence, children who use graidup perform better in school.

2. Made with stunning animations

Even as adults, reading a textbook is not only boring sometimes but also difficult to understand complex topics. Because graidup uses animated stories, rhymes, songs, and activities to teach, it is much easier for children to enjoy learn and also understand topics easily. The animation brings abstract topics to life. Concepts that are difficult to teach in the classroom are easily understood in graidup, thanks to animations.

3. Interactive activities and quiz games

Humans by nature remember more of what we do than what we just hear. This is why we have included a quiz game on every single topic. By playing the quiz game after every lesson, children are able to practice and retain more of what they learn.

4. 100% offline

Graidup does not require internet. Children can learn anytime and anywhere. In addition, parents do not have to worry about the cost of mobile internet data.

5. Kids can develop their uniqueness

Every child is unique and learns at a different pace. However, in the classroom, it is not possible to meet the needs of every child. The teacher, therefore, has to average. The teacher is either teaching too fast or too slow to your child. Graidup gives children the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

Kudos guys. Thanks for developing this app
Aidatu Abubakari
My kids are now experiencing a better education back home... thanks graidup
edmond wiafe
Having the opportunity to learn without a teacher's direct influence has made my children value independent study.The animation is on point.Thank you Graid up
Sandy Dey