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About Breah - Мindful breathing practices

Carefully curated exercises with step-by-step guidance will help you to start breathing mindfully. Exercises are split into Goals and Therapy categories, which will help you find a practice that will be most comfortable and useful for you.

Configurable exercises with male and female voice guides, kalimba sounds, vibro notifications, and binaural nature tracks will help you dive into breathing, enjoy the moment, and improve your well-being.

🥧 Completely AD-FREE
Non-distracting design lets you dive into mindfulness. No expiration on trial, no hidden catch – FREE version has full functionality and all info (including tutorials, sounds, binaural backgrounds, and voice guides) to explore Mindful Breathing starting to use 4-7-8 or Box Breathing exercises as a daily practice.

⭐ Most popular breathing exercises
Breah has a wide range of breathing techniques, most popular and acknowledged breathing practices worldwide, including the famous 7-11 and Huna Breathing, which established themselves over the years.

🎓 Detailed exercises description and FAQ section
For those who are not familiar with breathing exercises, Breah has a comprehensive guide and recommendations on practicing. Each exercise has a detailed description, a step-by-step manual on how to start practicing, and how to find the routine that suits you best.

🌡️ Goals and Therapy
If you don’t know which exercise to choose, you can find something in categories based on publicly available scientific research and medical studies. It may help you find an exercise to reduce stress and anxiety or help you sleep better, prevent panic attacks, or deal with respiratory problems or allergies.

⚙️ Fully customizable up to 60 min long exercises
Suppose you feel that none of the popular exercises suit you best. In that case, there is an option to configure a fully customizable exercise and choose whatever timing scheme you prefer with or without any sounds or notifications.

🔊 Configurable sound schemes: background, vibro, and voice guide
Staying focused is an essential part of Mindful Breathing. Breah app has male and female voice guides, sound notifications, vibro notifications, and binaural nature tracks that will help you to stay focused and immerse yourself in the moment.

🔔 Notifications and reminders
Consistency is a crucial element in building a habit for a better life. You can set a list of custom reminders and never forget to take a deep breath.

👨‍🔬️ Researches and Studies about breathing
Breathing practices presented in the Breah app are related to scientific researches. For those who want to know more or are curious about how our well-being depends on breathing, many pieces of research on Mindful Breathing and clinical studies are referenced in FAQ.

🌗 Light and Dark theme

😴 Works well in the background

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If you have any problems or questions contact us at [email protected]

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This is a great app. Lots of research done to combine tons of information and make it available by click to every one. Love your your practical sight into breath control techniques and its affect. Thank you ...
Dmitriy Prokofiev
Great app with a lot of interesting breathing techniques! Totally recommend!
Lidija Isajeva
Nice app, breathing techniques are very well guided.
Constantine V
great stuff guys!
Natalia Albicka
Helpful app for breathing exercises. Very easy to use, looks appealing and well designed.
Ruslan Platonov
I like how this app help me improve my breathing .
Vitalijs Ozornins