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About BodyGuide Pain Relief Exercises

BodyGuide helps you get rid of pain, so you can go back to what you love. Click on the area you’re having trouble with, answer some questions and in two minutes we’ll build you a custom exercise program.

BodyGuide is built by a team of Australia’s most respected health professionals, with backgrounds in Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy), Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, Myotherapy and Osteopathy.

Rehab and physical therapy don’t need to be complicated - there’s so much you can do at home by yourself.

Release the tension in your neck & shoulders.
Strengthen your hips and lower back.
Stretch out your middle back.
Optimise your desk ergonomics
Explore core exercises and flexibility.

Education, exercise and self massage video tutorials guide you every step of the way. No fancy equipment required, so you can find pain relief anytime.

BodyGuide covers 7 pain areas:

Lower back pain
Mid back pain
Upper back pain
Shoulder pain
Neck pain
Hip pain
Knee pain

Unlock features with a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL:

Unlimited programs across all 7 pain areas.
Custom difficulty levels: change the intensity to suit your body.
Relief, Resolve and Resilience phases.
Audio guided exercises to help you maintain good technique.
A complete guide to self massage.
100+ animated tutorials to help you learn about your body.
Favourite exercises for easy access.
365 days support for less than the cost of an appointment.


BodyGuide is more than just a rehab app or stretch app. BodyGuide builds you a holistic program that covers three phases, Relief, Resolve and Resilience.

RELIEF - Soothing, Nurturing movements to calm the issue.
RESOLVE - Explore your alignment & common causes of pain.
RESILIENCE - Build the foundations of a resilient body.

Back exercises & back stretches
Hip exercises & hip stretches
Knee exercises & knee stretches
Shoulder exercises & shoulder stretches
Neck exercises & neck stretches


BodyGuide was built by a multidisciplinary team of health professionals. From Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy) to Myotherapy, Osteopathy to Occupational Therapy, our advisory team meant that we didn’t just take one expert’s opinion and put it into an app.


Life is too short for muscle pain. Everyone deserves pain relief - to learn how to stretch, strengthen and align their body.

Living in the modern world means we don’t move the way we’ve evolved to. Through lack of movement we get stiff and sore. BodyGuide is here to get you moving freely again.

You’re not fragile - your body has evolved over 2 million years to help you move, lift, twist and turn. Pain is just a sign to listen, and learn. By introducing movements you’ve evolved to do, you can rebalance your body, and move on with life.

No boring exercises! BodyGuide movements have been chosen because they genuinely feel good to do. From yoga, to pilates, stretching, physical therapy and functional training, we cherry selected the most effective movements to build truly holistic programs.

Read our terms and conditions here:, and privacy policy

Ready when you are.

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Absolutely wonderful app! Each time I use it I feel like I've just consulted an expert who has educated me, given me exercises to help tune up my body as well as left me motivated and curious to learn more. ...
Wobbly Spoon
Replaces my physio, at a fraction of the cost. Education and results right off the bat. Didn't imagine an app like this could exist. Now can't imagine ever living without it.
Jabe Brown
Gave me the tools and knowledge to fix my niggling knee ache! Great app, highly recommended.
Phil Matheson