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About Tunisian Dinar: Exchange rate

Tunisian Dinar allows you to track the exchange rates of currencies quoted in Tunisian dinar issued by Tunisian banks.

Access to the average rates and the exchange rates published by:
- La banque centrale de Tunisie
- La Poste Tunisienne
- Banque Nationale Agricole (BNA)
- Banque de Tunisie (BT)
- Banque de l'Habitat (BH)
- Al Baraka Bank
- Societe Tunisienne de Banque (STB)
- Arab Tunisian Bank (ATB)
- Banque de l’Habitat (BH)
- Attijari Bank
- Banque Tuniso-Koweitienne (BTK)
- Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie (BIAT)
- Banque Zitouna
- Qatar National Bank (QNB)
- Wifak Bank
- Banque Tuniso-Libyenne (BTL)
- Banque de Tunisie et des Emirats (BTE)
- Amen Bank
- Union Internationale de Banques (UIB)

With Tunisian Dinar, you can check, bank by bank, the tables of the daily exchange rate by buying and selling.

See the purchase and sale price of your preferred currency listed by bank.
The application will show you the best buying and selling rates offered by Tunisian banks.

You can convert amounts in Tunisian dinar to other currencies and vice versa with the selected exchange rate. You can share the results via SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter WhatsApp or other sharing application.

The currencies available vary currencies published by Tunisian banks which we quote:
- Algerian Dinar
- Saudi Riyal
- Canadian dollar
- American dollar
- Japanese yen
- Qatari Riyal
- Euro
- Moroccan Dirham
- Swiss franc
- Libyan Dinar
- Bahraini Dinar
- Mauritania Ougulya
- Pound sterling
- Norwegian Krone
- Swedish crown
- Danish Krone
- Kuwaiti Dinar
- UAE Dirham
- Chinese Yen

Banks in exchange rates are set to days as a daily publications Tunisian banks.

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