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About WiFi QR Code Generator and Scanner

WiFi QR Code Generator πŸ”₯

This award-winning app allows you to share your WiFi connection easily using a QR code.

WiFi QR Code creator lets you easily share your wifi network as QR codes. Great for guests, customers, and family!

QR Code Generator for WiFi streamlines connecting to your WiFi network by scanning the code you generate.

This is by far the easiest, most secure, most reliable, and most convenient way to connect to a Wifi network.

You can use the code you generate whenever you want to let anyone in your premises access your network!

We give you the facility to create an awesome custom QR code for your wifi in an easy way.

Scan to Connect to your WiFi Network πŸ”₯

When someone scans your QR code, they will automatically be connected to your Wifi network.

With lots of customization options, you can change the pattern, color, or even add your logo in your QR code. More features can be found on our website ➑️QR Code Generator:

This app is safe and fully compatible with your android device.

Just take a look at our app and use it. You will realize it's a different app from other apps in the play store. Our app is 100% free and has no annoying ads! πŸ™Œ

QRTiger WiFi QR Code Generator gives you the easiest way to share the access of your WiFi with your friends and family without typing anything at all.

Moreover, you can use the QR code in restaurants, expos, public places, hotels, or where ever you want.

In this way, you greatly improve user experience and customer service as they avoid typing the network's name and password by hand.

This WiFi QR Code Creator app is designed to make sharing a WiFi connection much easier and secure by creating a QR code, which can be shared with others without disclosing your Wifi password.

No matter how long or complicated your password is: ➑️Just generate, scan, and connect!

Great Features πŸ”₯

βœ” An easy and convenient way to connect
βœ” Easy and smooth to use
βœ” Connect to WiFi network without a password
βœ” Color picker
βœ” Hide password from others
βœ” Custom Background and Foreground colors
βœ” Custom patterns
βœ” Add Image or Logo option
βœ” Beautiful User interface
βœ” Editor's Choice
βœ” No root required

How to Use 🀳

● Select your network security type
● Enter your network name
● Enter your network password
● Press 'Generate' button to create
● Customize your QR code by setting the pattern and colors. You can even add a logo or image!
● Click on "Download" and your QR code will be saved in your phone
● Share the app with your friends or leave a positive review πŸ₯Ί

Now your companion doesn't need to enter a password, just scan the code and connect.
You can create as many QR Codes as you want. It is extremely easy to use.

Your feedback is very valuable to us!

Support us by giving Stars (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) & Review.

●●● WiFi QR Code Generator by QRTiger ●●●

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