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About Clinometer + bubble level

The best and most accurate level Android. This is the first version, that has a unique two way calibration! With that you can calibrate your device even on non-level surfaces.

We will support this product long term and add more features!

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2.0 additions

✔ High resolution graphics
✔ Redesigned (modern) app navigation
✔ New theme with slim frame (previous still selectable)
✔ New Unit Mode 1V:H common in engineering
✔ Rooftop Mode now labelled :12
✔ Two optional features as in app purchases: Camera mode and Relative Angle

According to wikipedia: An inclinometer or clinometer is an instrument for measuring angles of slope (or tilt), elevation or inclination of an object with respect to gravity. It is also known as a tilt meter, tilt indicator, slope alert, slope gauge, gradient meter, gradiometer, level gauge, level meter, declinometer, and pitch & roll indicator.

I have relied on the paid version of his app for years, transferring it along the device train. It is solid. Update: it still works smartly and smoothly (in full-screen, too) on Android 10 on a Samsung A71 1...
Kerwin Pierre
Very good. Worth the price of the pro version. Ability to switch between vertical and horizontal in camera mode would be the icing on the cake. Oct. 2020, have been using this to measure angles of stars for ...
Duane Smith
Simply the best! Bought all the bells & whistles years ago & to this date still haven't found any clinometer+ app that can compare or hope to be its better! Install it, upgrade it as you need to, & never wor...
— DogGoneMadDog!!