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About PictogramAgenda

What is a Visual Schedule?

Visual schedules are excellent tools in the learning process for people with certain developmental disorders such as Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) or Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).
These people are usually excellent visual thinkers. They understand and retain better the information presented to them visually.
Visual schedules are based on the sequential presentation of a series of tasks, clear and simplified form, using for this normally pictograms to facilitate the schematic representation without unnecessary additional information.
Visual schedules help these people understand the situations and know what is expected of them, thereby reducing the anxiety that generates the new and unexpected. With visual schedules you help them to anticipate the various events that will happen. Using this type of schedules you help them to give an order to their world and improve aspects of their emotional wellbeing.

What is PictogramAgenda?

PictogramAgenda is a software application that facilitates the generation and use of visual schedules.
PictogramAgenda allows to set up and order a sequence of images to form the visual schedule (agenda).
The application screen is arranged in three parts: at the top are the images loaded orderly and numbered to represent clearly the order of the tasks. The center of the screen needs to be pressed each time you want to move to the next task, showing current image or pictogram in a larger size to highlight. The images of the work already done will be going to the bottom of the screen in reduced size, as a reminder of the tasks performed.

Summary of key features:

Up to 20 pictograms
Sample pictograms provided
Examining the device for any image file
Option to directly download pictograms from ARASAAC.
At any time you can change the order of the remaining tasks by simply dragging the pictogram to its new position.
Supports portrait and landscape orientation.
Allows to cross pictograms out, to emphasize the fact that a task is NOT to be performed.
If needed you can go back to previous pictogram or return to the initial status with all pending tasks.
You can save and load agendas generated for later use.
TEXT (show titles of the pictograms)
SOUND (titles of the pictograms are read with ‘Text to Speech’ functionality)

Love this app! Love being able to personalize it, especially with a child who has special needs. Thanks so much!
Kendall & Robin Hull
It's just what we were looking for.
Mark Freemantle
Fantastic app. Takes a little figuring out at the start but easy enough, and once your started off you go. Fantastic way to build visual maps of the day for my autistic grandson. Love the fact not only doe...
Lisa Mckie