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About Tango - Japanese Vocabulary Trainer

Tango is an All-In-One Vocabulary Trainer for beginners up to advanced learners. Tango uses Space Repetition to help you learn new words and Kanjis as efficient as possible. You can learn by choosing one of the handcrafted themed Wordbundles or add words from your Japanese Class or Textbook.

Tango is meant to be your complete Japanese vocabulary storage. It helps you to get all the information about new words or words you already know. It helps you to keep track of your learning progress within the Japanese Language Levels.

Tango has a large offline database of all the commonly used words and Kanji together with audio. If you come across a new word just search for it and add it to your Study List!

Tango tries to offer you all you need to learn Japanese vocabulary:
• Vocabulary Trainer
• Kanji Trainer
• Offline Dictionary for words and Kanji
• Example sentences
• Audio training
• Floating Search box for Reading Japanese Texts and Mangas
• JLPT Level Training (JLPT N5, JLPT N4, JLPT N3 ... JLPT N1)
• Handcrafted Wordbundles for Textbooks like Genki and Genki2

It's great for learning vocabulary, and the text to speech is great! Also good how it has packages/sets of words
Andrew Ion
A VERY GREAT app to learn japanese vocabulary. I like the fact that the vocabularies is bundled within their own categories(there are bundles that you can get only by buying the full version, but the free on...
Satisfied with the free version, and bought the full version.