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About Fluenz

Fastest way to REALLY SPEAK a new language, and not just memorize words and phrases.

3 Reasons Why Fluenz is Worth it:

1. Made for English Speakers

The only language learning program anywhere specifically designed for English-speakers. Learn to speak Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, German or Portuguese anytime, anywhere. Each lesson has a video explanation of what you will learn, showing your the ins and out of the language you are learning. Then go straight to reading, writing and listening with workouts that progressively gain complexity, designed for the information to “stick”. Learning a new language is not automatic but with the right tools and with explanations you can get there.

2. Total Approach

Videos on streaming platforms and game like language apps are all useful but not enough to reach fluency. To really learn a new language you need a fully integrated platform that a) explains the workings of your new language every step of the way, b) provides the tips and tricks English-speakers need to speak and understand that new language, and c) connects those explanations directly to extensive workouts and flashcards that take you to fluency.

3. Proven Results

Unique among digital programs, Fluenz puts its program to the test every single month with some of the world’s most demanding learners at its face-to-face Immersion program in Mexico City. After ten years, hundreds of thousands of users and several complete upgrades, Fluenz continues to lead in positive reviews, critical acclaim, and the praise of those who are truly serious about learning Spanish.


Learn on the go with instant syncing, downloadable lessons, podcasts, and flashcards, all within the app. And because sometimes we need a bigger screen, gain automatic access to our full online, or downloadable desktop version as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Fluenz?

Fluenz is a language learning program designed specifically for English speakers, aimed at teaching them to speak a new language fluently.

What makes Fluenz worth it?

Fluenz is worth it for three reasons: it is made for English speakers, it takes a total approach to language learning, and it has proven results.

How is Fluenz different from other language learning programs?

Fluenz is different from other programs because it is designed specifically for English speakers and provides a fully integrated platform with explanations, tips, tricks, and extensive workouts to help learners reach fluency.

What are the proven results of Fluenz?

Fluenz has been tested and proven successful through its face-to-face Immersion program in Mexico City and has received positive reviews, critical acclaim, and praise from serious language learners over the course of ten years.

What features does Fluenz app offer?

The Fluenz app allows users to learn on the go with instant syncing, downloadable lessons, podcasts, and flashcards. Users can also access the full online or downloadable desktop version if they prefer a bigger screen.
This is the most effective and learnable way of language learning.. So language learning from you is the only way for me. So consider expanding essential languages like Japanese,Russian, Swedish,Greek, and A...
varun reddy
Excellent Spanish tutorial program. After trying a few of the free (or cheap) programs that promise to teach Spanish in just 10 or 20 minutes a day and getting nowhere, I took the plunge and paid for Fluenz....
Emily Jordan
#TheBestOut (hands down) if you actually purchase any language levels to use the app with! You can TRY a couple of sessions from each level by the "stream online" option, but to get the most out of it all, p...
Mr Bear
I love using this program to learn Spanish. I like the fact that you're learning how to read, write and speak it all at the same time. I can move to a Spanish speaking country and fit right in! They give you...
Tay Jones
None can match Fluenz. The way they teach. I cleared DELF A1 IN JUST 15 DAYS using only this app. I can speak English fluently but had no previous knowledge of French.
Manpreet Sandhu
Great app. I love it.
Harold Guess