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About HypnoCloud: Relax and Let Go

HypnoCloud is a powerful and life-changing Hypnosis app, Featuring World Renowned Hypnotherapist - Victoria Gallagher - As seen on ABC’s 20/20 - #1 Best Selling Author - and Law of Attraction Expert.

What is HypnoCloud?

With HypnoCloud you can achieve all of your goals; the wealth you desire, finally get a good night sleep, be healthy and fit, attract the career you want, live the lifestyle of which you dream, enjoy sex, improve relationships, and reach spiritual fulfillment.

All sessions are written and narrated by Victoria Gallagher, Certified Master Hypnotherapist. She has been helping people improve their lives through the power of their mind, for over 20 years. Victoria has a soothing, appealing voice that is ideal for putting you in a relaxed, receptive state.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that helps you let go, relax, feel calm, and tap into your subconscious mind. Using advanced guided visualization techniques, you will release outdated beliefs in your subconscious mind that have prevented you from the successful life you deserve.

Also included in this app:

In addition to hypnosis programs, HypnoCloud includes amazing meditations and affirmations to complement hypnosis. Meditation is a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate without going into a deep hypnotic state. Affirmations penetrate your conscious mind to solidify positive beliefs.

* Monitor your consecutive daily listening streaks.
* Get rewarded for listening with badges of achievement as you consistently listen to your sessions.
* Set multiple reminders to help you on your path to success.
* Create a list of your favorite sessions to easily access the ones you keep coming back to.
* New sessions and features added monthly.

“I greatly admire Victoria Gallagher’s approach to Personal Growth and Self-Hypnosis!”
Dr. Steve G. Jones - Certified Master Hypnotherapist.

HypnoCloud includes over 500 programs!

With your subscription, you’ll gain unlimited access to:

Increase your brainpower with the Mind series!
* Mindful Meditations
* Positive Thinking Hypnosis
* Enhance Your Dreams
* Learn Fast with Hypnosis
* Learn Self-Hypnosis
* Brain Training
* Cool Confidence
* Fully Focused

Improve your Finances with the Wealth series!
* Law of Attraction
* Manifest Money Meditation
* Good Luck Hypnosis
* Millionaire Mindset
* Life Success Hypnosis
* Attract Abundance

Manifest Success with the Career series!
* Success in Business
* Extreme Motivation
* Public Speaker
* Successful Sales
* Powerful Productivity
* Entrepreneur Success
* Goal Achievement

Improve your Well-being in the Health series!
* Stress Relief Affirmations
* Deep Sleep and Relaxation
* Beach Body
* Smoking Cessation
* Activate Fitness
* Instant Energy Boost
* Healthy Healing
* Anti-Anxiety
* Stress Relieving
* Sleep Soundly

Enjoy your life with the Lifestyle series!
* Activate Sexual Desire
* Attract Love and Relationships
* Enjoy Life
* High Self-Esteem
* Personal Growth

Get in Tune with your Spirituality with the Spirit series!
* Psychic Power
* Awaken Your Spirituality
* Balance Chakras
* Unlock Your Creativity
* Master Your Emotional Self
* Positive Vibrations
* Hypnosis for Happiness
* Hypnosis for Inner Peace
* Attitude of Gratitude Hypnosis

6 programs are Free and Unlocked!

Subscription to HypnoCloud Premium

Subscribe to HypnoCloud Premium and get access the entire Hypnosis Library, which includes 500+ hypnotic recordings to enhance every area of your life for $9.99/month!

Free to Try it all for 7 Days!
You’ll Feel Like You Are Floating When You Listen to HypnoCloud!

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I'm listening to things that are changing my life. Two huge addictions that I've had my whole life have stopped one day at a time. I'm stunned how Victoria's direction and teaching has impact in my life so f...
Steve Meyers
Loved it
Melanie Carte
Top-notch quality and excellent topics. It's fun and effective. I love this app!