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About Gallagher Mobile Connect

Gallagher Mobile Connect lets you use the Bluetooth® Low Energy technology in your Android device to gain access to secure areas on your site, interact with your building systems, and receive important site notifications.
Requires an authorized access credential, Command Centre v7.60 or greater, and Bluetooth® low energy equipped Gallagher multi-tech access readers. NFC can also be used with all Gallagher T series readers.

Note: Bluetooth® Low Energy uses Location to discover the Gallagher readers. You can switch off Bluetooth® and Location and use NFC for Access, however NFC will need to be enabled on the Gallagher readers. Bluetooth® Background scanning can be disabled on the settings screen.

Love it
Paul Zammit
Amazing response from the developer, replied, resolve crashing with a new app in the store in only a few hours.
Chris Williams
Responsive developer. Solved the problem in the first update. App is working fine now.
Selcuk Duman