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About LostMiner: Block Building & Craft Game

Sandbox game with mining, crafting and exploration elements. It has a side-view camera, mixing 2D and 3D, with polished pixel graphics!
You can do everything you want, in a procedural, pixelated and fully destructible world, with plenty of different biomes and secrets!
Place and break blocks, build a house, a planting farming, an animal farm, chop trees, craft new items, gather resources, go fishing, ride an ostrich, milk cows, battle monsters, dig and explore the secrets of a random underground, try to survive! The deeper you go, harder it gets! The game has creative and survival modes, offline, but also supports local multiplayer.

LostMiner is a indie game, far from being just another crafting/2D blocky game, it has plenty of new ideas, and was designed thinking specifically on mobile devices, with easy controls and intuitive crafting system, offering you an addictive and great gaming experience to be played everywhere!

The game is in constant development, you can expect new features on every update. If you want to suggest any feature, or have any question, feel free to contact me (fer[email protected]). Let's build LostMiner together! ;)

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is LostMiner: Block Building & Craft Game?

LostMiner is a sandbox game with mining, crafting, and exploration elements. It offers a fully destructible world with different biomes and secrets to discover.

What can I do in LostMiner?

In LostMiner, you can place and break blocks, build houses and farms, chop trees, craft new items, gather resources, go fishing, ride an ostrich, milk cows, battle monsters, dig underground, and explore secrets. There are both creative and survival modes available, and you can also play offline or enjoy local multiplayer.

Is LostMiner just another crafting/2D blocky game?

No, LostMiner is an indie game that brings new ideas to the genre. It was specifically designed for mobile devices with easy controls and an intuitive crafting system. It offers an addictive and great gaming experience that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Is LostMiner still being developed?

Yes, LostMiner is in constant development. You can expect new features on every update, and the game developer welcomes suggestions for new features or any questions you may have. Feel free to contact them at [email protected].

Can I play LostMiner on my mobile device?

Yes, LostMiner was designed with mobile devices in mind. It is available on mobile platforms and offers an optimized gameplay experience for smartphones and tablets.
It it multiplayer if not its still a great game
The Incredible Sargent
Its an awesome game
Racoon Gang
This so cool I wish this update will cool
Jojo Shing
I like this game its so cool... But can you do a Bluetooth server for gamepad? Please
Zulkhairy .1320
I actually Have no problem with this game I think it's an amazing Game to play me and my brother play together all the time it's super Awesome I didn't think others play this game to be honest I thought it w...
Cameron Dickson
I love this game
Jennifer Chavarria