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About Grow Castle

It is a defense game to protect the castle from enemy attack.
If growth can be placed in the castle tower and the hero on each floor.
Archer of the town is becoming a lot more more powerful the more upgrades.

More than 120 heroes can use their own skills.
Some heroes are made to give a strong archers of the town, another hero is cursed enemy.
This strategy is important because only a hero can be mounted up to nine.

When you build colonies and hire workers, you can earn more gold.

Clear up to a higher level, wave and check out your rankings.
Create or join a online guild. You can communicate and play with people around the world.

※ Features
Online guild system
Real-time rankings
Hero promotion system
Addictive without reason
Build your own castle

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Grow Castle?

Grow Castle is a defense game where you protect a castle from enemy attacks.

How can you protect the castle in Grow Castle?

You can place growth in the castle tower and position heroes on each floor to defend against the enemy.

How many heroes can you use in Grow Castle?

There are more than 120 heroes available, each with their own unique skills.

What is the importance of heroes in the game?

Some heroes are designed to enhance the power of archers in the town, while others have abilities to curse enemies. Choosing the right heroes and strategizing is crucial as only up to nine heroes can be mounted.

How can you earn more gold in Grow Castle?

By building colonies and hiring workers, you can increase your earnings of gold.

What can you do in higher levels of the game in Grow Castle?

As you progress, you can clear higher levels, face challenging waves, and check your rankings.

Is there any online feature in Grow Castle?

Yes, you can create or join an online guild, allowing you to communicate and play with people from all around the world.

What are the features of Grow Castle?

The game includes an online guild system, real-time rankings, a hero promotion system, and addictive gameplay. Additionally, you can build your own castle.
Ilove this game and the game was cool
Vaughn Keith Official
Tell us What you think?
Louie Starbuck
Deanna Cecero
bc i just bought the ent master and golem master XD
amy cejas
Awesome! Still wish alot more then bug fixes like officers (they are like heros but give buffs) more tower slots castle units (help protect castle)
kenneth schultz
This game superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb and satisfyingggggggggggggggggg game
Pradip Kumar