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About Age of Frostfall

Winter is here, and with it have come the Unmelted, an unstoppable race of frozen monsters bent on exterminating all of humanity. Only you and your city stand between them and global domination, but you don’t have to fight alone.

Raise a dragon, build up your city, train a battle-hardened army, recruit legendary heroes, forge unbreakable alliances with your friends, and you can rise to become king of these harsh lands!

As lord of your own city, you’ll need to become a master of strategy, leading your army across both vast battlefields and in intense, small-scale fights to save every last house under your domain.


Unique RTS Tower Defense: Command teams of specialized troops to stop waves of fearsome Unmelted soldiers. Will you have what it takes to protect your homeland?

Mighty Dragons: Raise and bond with a dragon! Treat your dragon well and this fearsome, mysterious creature will reward you in kind. Will your dragon swoop in to aid your troops on the battlefield or help you build your city to new heights? The choice is yours!

Immersive World: The hell of war has never looked this good! Beautifully rendered HD graphics and vivid, icy landscapes will make you feel like you’re right there, leading your troops into battle against terrifying foes.

Rise from Nothing: Build yourself up from a lowly commoner fighting for survival into king of all the realm! Make friends from around the world and unite with them in alliances to dominate your kingdom together! It’s a dangerous world out there, but if you play it smart, you can rule over all of it!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Age of Frostfall about?

Age of Frostfall is a game where you must protect your city from frozen monsters and become the king of the harsh lands.

How do I play Age of Frostfall?

In Age of Frostfall, you will need to raise a dragon, build your city, train your army, recruit heroes, and form alliances to save your domain.

What is the unique feature of Age of Frostfall?

Age of Frostfall features a unique RTS Tower Defense gameplay where you command specialized troops to stop waves of Unmelted soldiers.

Can I raise a dragon in Age of Frostfall?

Yes, you can raise and bond with a dragon in Age of Frostfall. Your dragon can aid your troops in battle or help you in building your city.

What is the world like in Age of Frostfall?

The world in Age of Frostfall is immersive with beautifully rendered HD graphics and icy landscapes. It will make you feel like you are leading your troops into battle against terrifying foes.

How can I rise in Age of Frostfall?

You can rise from a lowly commoner to become the king of the realm by building alliances, making friends, and playing smart to dominate your kingdom.
This game is awesome
Ian Sohn
William Wright
Enjoyable. Straightforward.
Andrea Oliver
Love it
Rick Rider
Just started. So far I like the art work and the interactions it's a nice game!
Ace Correa
Sexy AF
david fancher