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About War Tortoise 2 - Idle Exploration Shooter

You are the pilot of a War Tortoise, nature's greatest battle tank! Join over a million total players and download one of the most unique games on mobile.

Explore a vast world. Choose your location, and watch as your Tortoise lumbers forward, all while you take aim and unleash devastating firepower on hordes of enemies! Develop your own playstyle and play either active, or idle. Unlock tons of pilots and heroes. Evolve your Tortoise and support units with a huge list of abilities. Relax and fish, and collect a huge variety of different fish. Its up to you to bring back peace to the land!

★ Explore a huge, seamless world
★ Unique mix of action and idle gameplay
★ Play active or idle/AFK
★ Develop your own playstyle
★ Evolve and unlock active and passive abilities
★ Advanced graphics and effects
★ Huge battlefields
★ Dozens of pilots and heroes to discover
★ Customize your War Tortoise with armor and weapons
★ Call in a variety of support units
★ Fish to earn powerful permanent abilities
★ Much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is War Tortoise 2?

War Tortoise 2 is a unique mobile game where you control a powerful battle tank called the War Tortoise and engage in both action and idle gameplay to explore a vast world and defeat enemies.

How can I play War Tortoise 2?

You can choose to play War Tortoise 2 actively, controlling your Tortoise and unleashing firepower on enemies, or you can play it in idle mode, where your Tortoise automatically moves forward while you focus on other tasks.

Can I personalize my War Tortoise?

Yes, you can customize your War Tortoise with different armor and weapons, allowing you to enhance its abilities and appearance according to your preferences.

Are there different abilities and characters in War Tortoise 2?

Absolutely! War Tortoise 2 offers a wide range of pilots and heroes for you to unlock, each with their own unique abilities. You can also evolve your Tortoise and support units to further enhance their capabilities.

Is there any downtime in the game?

In addition to battles, War Tortoise 2 also offers relaxing activities such as fishing. By fishing, you can collect different types of fish that grant powerful permanent abilities, adding another layer to the gameplay experience.

Are there any visual enhancements in War Tortoise 2?

Yes, the game features advanced graphics and effects, ensuring a visually stunning experience as you explore the huge battlefields and engage in epic battles.

Can I earn rewards in the game?

Yes, by completing missions, defeating enemies, and participating in various activities, you can earn rewards such as new pilots, heroes, and powerful abilities to strengthen your War Tortoise and support units.

How big is the game world in War Tortoise 2?

The game offers a huge, seamless world for you to explore, providing plenty of opportunities for adventure and discovery.

How many players are currently playing War Tortoise 2?

With over a million total players, War Tortoise 2 is a popular game enjoyed by a large number of players.

Is War Tortoise 2 available for download?

Yes, you can download War Tortoise 2 from your mobile device's app store and start your journey as the pilot of nature's greatest battle tank.
its decent gameplay, graphics and everything in between
ryan grunwald
seriously good and addicting
Jasper Cañete
Dana Wilson
The game is idle so I dont have to worry about missing out on anything, It's also easy to play but with many levels. I will also add the fact that I've reinstalled it twice now and everytime its had my saved...
Vlad Geltoken
Great game love play this allthe best
Adam Moore
love this game. definitely different
PRI3ST Burgess