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About Battle of Warplanes: Aircraft combat, online game

The game is one of the best shooting action simulators.

✈ Stunning Graphics:
- Magnificent graphics, as in PC games seen on steam: full 3d realistic models of military airplanes.

✈ Online Multiplayer:
- Online gaming and fights against pilots from all around the world: US, GB, Germany, Russia, Brazil,Turkey, Pakistan and many others.

✈ Lots of warplanes:
- 20 types of combat aircrafts: real-world models used in real operations: Falcon, F22 Raptor, SU, F18, and many more.

✈ Military sky combat:
- Each plane has the own secondary weapon and unique characteristics and capabilities

✈ Possibility to upgrade:
- Possibility to upgrade and customize your plane to turn it into a “superior weapon of war

✈ Air combats as you like:
- Dynamic battles full of non-stop action.

✈ Amazing battlefields:
- Stunning locations: mountains and hot deserts filled with iron birds, supersonic fighters and crossfire of bullets.

✈ Easy controls:
- Full jet control: in our simulator you can control the speed, missiles, guns. Perform landings and take-off from a carrier, become a wargame ace.

✈ Action with friends:
- Non-stop action: select a deathmatch, team battle, to battle with friends! A great flying game if you like shooters, speed or wargames!


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Battle of Warplanes?

Battle of Warplanes is an online aircraft combat game known for its stunning graphics and realistic military airplane models.

Can I play Battle of Warplanes with friends?

Yes, you can engage in online multiplayer battles and fight against pilots from around the world, including your friends.

How many types of warplanes are available in the game?

The game offers 20 types of combat aircraft, featuring real-world models such as Falcon, F22 Raptor, SU, F18, and more.

Can I upgrade and customize my plane in Battle of Warplanes?

Yes, you have the possibility to upgrade and customize your plane to enhance its capabilities and make it a stronger weapon in battle.

What kind of battles can I expect in the game?

Battle of Warplanes offers dynamic battles full of non-stop action, allowing you to engage in air combats and experience intense crossfire of bullets.

Are there different battlefields in the game?

Yes, the game features stunning locations, including mountains and hot deserts, where you'll encounter various iron birds and supersonic fighters.

How are the controls in Battle of Warplanes?

The game provides full jet control, allowing you to control the speed, missiles, and guns of your aircraft. You can also perform landings and take-offs from carriers.

Is it possible to play cooperatively with friends?

Absolutely! Battle of Warplanes offers non-stop action and various gameplay modes, including deathmatch and team battles, allowing you to team up with friends.

Is an internet connection required to play Battle of Warplanes?

Yes, an internet connection is necessary to play the game and engage in online multiplayer battles.

Does Battle of Warplanes have a social media presence?

Yes, you can find Battle of Warplanes on Facebook at for updates and community engagement.
Kenneth Yesterday
Pretty cool
Angela Elliott
The game is interesting for everyone to play
Bonny Baffoe
Awesome game! Really fun.
Corey DeAngelis
I Like Air Force This Is A Reason I Can Download This Game
M. Ukamis M. Ukasha
Wow #best mobile plane game of 2020.Awesome graphics.
brody thorley