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About Battleship: Legion War of Pacific Rim

Looking for action free Wargame? We got it all right here in Battleship: War of Pacific Rim!

This is the Best 3D interactive strategy war game of battleship game. Be an admiral of navy fleets. Lead your powerful fleet through warship battles against pirates and Bloody Dragon, and players from around the globe! Rule the world under anarchism.

Modern Wars, Monumental Global battle, Pacific war fight and so much more! The BLOODY DRAGON has arrived. Decisive leader has come to the Pacific Ocean battle ground. It is the naval war of legendary generals and warships. Bring your gun, let's take back the glory. Command your fleet to battle, dawn will come.

Battleship: War of Pacific Rim is an award winning real time strategy MMO wargame where you battle to build an NAVY empire, become kings and take control of a kingdom! If you like PVP wargame or multiplayer naval game of war, you’ll love this base building, fighting wargames where you must combat to survive in this universe! Put your strategic mind to test against invasion from across the globe in this worldwide RTS war of warship games.

Battleship: War of Pacific Rim now and join millions of players from around the world!

- Game features -

1. Ahead of the development of science and technology:
Technology can change the form of final war, you can also change the strength of both sides, players in the "Battleship: War of Pacific Rim" can use the production and scientific research system to build their own immortal sea force and naval empire.

2. Wave cloud treacherous wisdom of the showdown:
Technology determines the combat effectiveness, but the contrast is not the eternal strength. Good at the strategy of the players can also use their own advantages and even vertical and horizontal, the use of military or diplomatic means to interact with other players. Use the art of command to win the enemy in this world of warship. The planets is always the stage of the strategist!

3. Stablish Your Territory and Ready for action!
You will never know how to do when you have to fight back. Your territory needs to accommodate a strong titans’ army and you need to protect your clan in naval warfare with your men and your army. Let’s strike back Establish your territory and update its construction, which can give you a better protection in PVP and PVE in this world of warships.

4. The Whole Global Multi-Player Online (PVP)!
You are not the only commander with territory! In this naval battle game, you need to fight with thousands of commanders to prevent them from destroying your clans. Launch your iron battleship to defend your territory and strike with them to rob their resources and dominate their warships empire!

5. Experience new warship battle story
This fantasy game reproduces the blitz battle on ocean. You can create alliance with the Royal Wolf Legion. Take advantage of battle warship to fight with evil clash: Bloody Dragon and resist the war of warships storm. Defense him build up the colony. You may also be assaulted in zombie ark event. Recruit your legendary heroes to fight back.

Have seen the above description, you still hold it? Come on, we are in the "Battleship: War of Pacific Rim" in the vertical and horizontal!

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Cool game
alexwaynejones 1987
Love it
Brian Overstreet
Rupali Bansode
Grafics are great.. It would be better if you didn't log me out every now and then.
Stephen Bolam
I like this game
Matthew Shell Bassett
It's nice and intersting game.
Abdul Rasheed