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About Idle Fleet: Warship Shooter

Sail into the deep future sea with the free idle naval wargame ⚓Idle Fleet⚓: Warship Shooter! Be captain of a navy fleet of futuristic warships in dynamic naval idle shooter warfare. Welcome to the future world of warships combat warfare! Tons of weapons, artillery and ships to shoot your enemy with a tsunami of missiles, torpedoes and lasers in naval idle shooter. Collect your navy war machines and upgrade them with powerful future weapons to form the best fleet.🚢🚢🚢

Download ⚓Idle Fleet⚓: Warship Shooter for free right now!

🛳Assemble War Fleet
Construct detailed combat gunships with futuristic weapons and drones to assist you in never-ending naval fight to conquer whole sea world!

🔫Future Weapons
Arm your warships armada with lasers, artillery, torpedoes, missiles and robot drones to win. Use it wise in a massive warfare!

Infinite Warfare
One lost warship is not the end. Pick the next one and continue on your conquest! Choose upgrades that suit you best. No combat is ever the same as the ones before it.

🛠Loot and Upgrade Fleet
Loot resources and upgrade battleships armada to be the top warship! Build a variety of robot guns, missiles, lasers, chassis and deck upgrades to forge your gunship into an ultimate navy war machine.

Technology Skills
Improve your stats by researching a technology skills. Learn new technology skills to improve your attributes and sink enemies more effectively!

🏝Control Naval Areas
Capture islands in the hostile sea to get access to factories and research centers which will help you improve your fleet and make it invincible! Conquer the whole sea world!

💰Earn all the time
Your fleet continue to fight for you and generate income even when you are not in the game. Earn even when you sleep!

🎮Easy Controls
Intuitive ship control and easy UI will let you blitz into battle straight away and master the idle war! You can destroy enemy warships from your guns like in a shooting range or let your captains do all the work for you!

💻Stunning 3D Graphics
Future is here! The most realistic naval idle game for mobile. Play the top wargame to check it out!

★★★⚓Idle Fleet⚓: Warship Shooter wargame is completely FREE to download!
Perfectly drawn world textures, beautiful sky and islands, vivid sea, drones. We created a next-level top idle shooting range wargame. Regular updates and new content are waiting for you in battles of 2022.

Not sure what to play? Choose⚓Idle Fleet⚓: Navy Warship Shooter

Dear users! We are constantly working on creating new content, improving the game world, graphics and optimization! Please write a word to us if you find bugs or issues.

Want to ask about the wargame or find friends or allies?
Support: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is ⚓Idle Fleet⚓: Warship Shooter?

⚓Idle Fleet⚓: Warship Shooter is a free idle naval wargame where players become captains of a fleet of futuristic warships and engage in dynamic naval shooter warfare.

How can I assemble my war fleet?

You can assemble your war fleet by constructing detailed combat gunships with futuristic weapons and drones that will assist you in naval fights.

What kind of weapons can I use in the game?

You can arm your warships with lasers, artillery, torpedoes, missiles, and robot drones to defeat your enemies.

Can I continuously upgrade my fleet?

Yes, you can constantly upgrade your battleships and armada with loot resources. You can build robot guns, missiles, lasers, and other upgrades to enhance your fleet's capabilities.

How can I improve my stats in the game?

You can improve your stats by researching technology skills. By learning new technology skills, you can enhance your attributes and sink enemies more effectively.

Is there a way to capture naval areas?

Yes, you can capture islands in the hostile sea to gain access to factories and research centers that will help you improve your fleet and make it invincible.

Can my fleet generate income even when I'm not playing the game?

Yes, your fleet will continue to generate income for you even when you are not actively playing the game. You can earn rewards even while you sleep.

Are the controls in the game easy to use?

Yes, ⚓Idle Fleet⚓: Warship Shooter has intuitive ship controls and an easy-to-use UI, allowing you to quickly engage in battles and master the idle war.

What kind of graphics can I expect in the game?

The game features stunning 3D graphics, creating a realistic naval experience. It offers beautifully drawn world textures, vivid sea, islands, and drones.

How can I contact the developers or get support?

If you have any questions, want to find friends or allies, or need support, you can visit the game's Facebook page at or send an email to [email protected].
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Borsing Borsingterang
Fun and easy to play.
Don Smith
Don't like games that ask you to rate after only a few minutes but so far I'm loving this game
Nice geam
Masih Bmn
Nice game
Umesh Kumar
The game is best
Arman Ansari