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About Polygon Fantasy: Diablo-like Action RPG

Evil has awakened and plunged the world into chaos. Pick one of many heroes and face it in this action RPG full of story cutscenes, random loot and hordes of enemies who are just asking for you to destroy them with your powerful skills!

⚔️Classic diablo like action role-playing game⚔️
Tired of games where you’re not in control? Polygon Fantasy is an modern take on old-school hack 'n' slash action RPG. There’s tons of randomly generated loot, character skill customization, passive attributes, cool perks, socketed items, crafting, merging gems… everything you would expect from a deep diablo-like game. Explore rich environments, dungeons full of traps and mystical places, all filled with an abundance of various enemies that come in many forms – regular mobs, champions with randomly generated powers and cool boss monsters.

Twisted Realm is a place of evil where only the most capable heroes can hope to prevail. Play as a mighty warrior, a nimble rogue, a witch blazing with powerful magic, or some other character – or all of them! Level-up, choose new skills and find or craft the best equipment you can. The possibilities are endless. When Realms clash, heroes must act!

Archetypes like powerful Barbarian, shapeshifting Druid, arcane Wizard or undead-summoning Necromancer are present, but there are also new exciting options with Butcher, Hag or Northener.

⚔️Intuitive controls⚔️
Easy to play but hard to master – we believe that simple controls are important for players’ comfort while depth of gameplay mechanics is a must in this genre. We are shifting from old-school eternium-like controls so you won’t have to tap all over your display to move, fight and collect tons of loot you get from enemies, but you will be always in control, whether selecting your targets, using your skills or choosing what items will you wear. Movement is done by virtual joystick with skills and attacks activated by buttons – the modern style used in mobile MOBA games and other top-down RPG games.

• Choose from multiple characters… or play as all of them!
• Hack and slash gameplay typical for RPG games
• Captivating story spanning 4 acts in completely different locations: beautiful forests of Blade Valley, treacherous Eternium Desert, Exiled Kingdoms of Twisted Realm or ice-covered Northern Empire where it is only a matter of time before yeti or blizzard ends your life
• Randomly generated loot, and lots of it!
• A great variety of enemies with randomly generated abilities: goblins, humans, dragons and various magical monsters
• Intuitive controls
• Looting gear, merging, crafting – everything you love in diablo-like role playing games
• Become undisputed dungeon hunter in our Endless Dungeon mode with random generated floors
• Seasons, each with amazing rewards for everyone

⚔️Multiple characters and companions to choose⚔️
Melee, ranged, mage... you can have it all. Choose your favourite class or enjoy all of them, each one with many unique skills and even some class-bound equipment. You can also unlock and level-up many different companions – cute but deadly animals, humanoids, or even powerful dragons.

⚔️Single player RPG adventure of epic proportions⚔️
The world is in danger. Yes, again. And you are the hero. Yes, again. Polygon Fantasy has an epic fantasy RPG games story based on pages and pages of lore created just for this adventure. In the distant past, Creator Heroes have chosen path that led to exile of magic and evil creatures. But the evil is spreading throughout the world once more and it is up to you to figure out ways to stop it and maybe you’ll uncover some secrets – not everything is as it seems. Each act takes you to another part of the world with new environments, enemies and obstacles to overcome.

Jump right into the world of Polygon Fantasy and become a hero!

Official page:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Polygon Fantasy?

Polygon Fantasy is a Diablo-like action RPG game filled with story cutscenes, random loot, and hordes of enemies. Choose from multiple heroes and embark on an epic adventure to defeat evil.

What can I expect from Polygon Fantasy?

Polygon Fantasy offers classic Diablo-like action role-playing gameplay with randomly generated loot, character skill customization, passive attributes, perks, socketed items, crafting, and more. Explore rich environments, dungeons, and face various enemies including regular mobs, champions, and boss monsters.

What are the available character archetypes in Polygon Fantasy?

Polygon Fantasy features archetypes like the powerful Barbarian, shapeshifting Druid, arcane Wizard, undead-summoning Necromancer, and exciting new options with Butcher, Hag, or Northener.

How are the controls in Polygon Fantasy?

The controls in Polygon Fantasy are intuitive, offering easy-to-play mechanics that are important for players' comfort. Movement is done through a virtual joystick, and skills and attacks are activated by buttons, similar to the modern style used in mobile MOBA games and top-down RPG games.

What are some noteworthy features in Polygon Fantasy?

Some noteworthy features of Polygon Fantasy include the ability to choose from multiple characters, hack and slash gameplay, a captivating story spanning 4 acts in different locations, randomly generated loot, a variety of enemies with unique abilities, looting gear, merging and crafting mechanics, an Endless Dungeon mode, and seasonal rewards.

Can I play as different characters in Polygon Fantasy?

Yes, in Polygon Fantasy, you can choose your favorite class or play as all of them. Each character has unique skills and even class-bound equipment. Additionally, you can unlock and level-up various companions, including animals, humanoids, or dragons.

What is the story behind Polygon Fantasy?

Polygon Fantasy has an epic RPG adventure story based on pages of lore created specifically for the game. As the hero, you must save the world from spreading evil. Each act takes you to different parts of the world with new environments, enemies, and obstacles to overcome.

Are there any official sources or pages for Polygon Fantasy?

Yes, you can visit the official Facebook page for Polygon Fantasy RPG at for more information.