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About Powerlust - action RPG roguelike

During your studies as an Apprentice at the University of Magic, you've stumbled upon a powerful stone that greatly increased your magical powers. Blazing through the semester with ease, you've discovered a deep, insatiable hunger inside of you. Knowing that slaying the dark creatures in the ancient crypt nearby will make you even stronger, you've decided to use your newly found powers to satiate your lust for power.

Powerlust is an action rpg roguelike with dark and creepy atmosphere.

This game is under ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT, I have many updates planned for it.
I'd appreciate any feedback, it will be a really huge help in further development.
Check out my twitter for constant updates.
It's completely free, no ads.

- action RPG roguelike gameplay
- skill based gameplay
- no auto fight mechanics
- procedurally generated dungeons
- plenty of items
- character upgrades
- plenty of enemies
- plenty of spells, currently 12 in total ;]
- a few quests and conversations
- 2 boss fights
- gamepad support

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Powerlust?

Powerlust is an action RPG roguelike game with a dark and creepy atmosphere.

How did the protagonist gain their magical powers?

The protagonist gained their magical powers by finding a powerful stone during their studies at the University of Magic.

How does the game progress?

The game progresses through skill-based gameplay, with the player slaying dark creatures in ancient crypts to become even stronger.

Is Powerlust still being developed?

Yes, Powerlust is currently under active development with planned updates.

Can players provide feedback for the game's development?

Yes, the developer welcomes any feedback from players, as it will greatly help in the further development of the game.

Is Powerlust a free game?

Yes, Powerlust is completely free and does not contain any ads.

What are the features of Powerlust?

The game features action RPG roguelike gameplay, skill-based mechanics, procedurally generated dungeons, various items, character upgrades, multiple enemies, a variety of spells, quests, conversations, two boss fights, and gamepad support.

Where can players find constant updates about Powerlust?

Players can check out the developer's Twitter account for constant updates about Powerlust.
I love this game. Been playing this for about an hour and I can't get enough. Much love to the dev. Keep it up man.
Michael Basham
This games is simply great, I have fun trudging through endless dungeons, slogging it out with different enemy types for hours. Just how I like my dungeon crawlers 👍🏻
Infamous Jack
Right How many devs are creating this game? And not gonna waste time iam gonna play it sorry for the waste of time I'll send in any problems i see
Wmw Dl
Awesome app
Bill Stanley
One of the only phone games ill keep on my phone forever <3
evildominic 2
Great start and very promising. Hope can get a great story to go with the dungeon crawling. Found was able to hit creatures through walls. Might want to fix that.