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About Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic

Download to get SSR Deamon! A sea of dazzling wings, supreme gear, high-ranking weapons, rare items, and fantastic costumes, brings a great surge to your combat power!

Welcome to Blade Fantasy--A MMORPG mobile game with an eastern fantasy theme.

Breathtaking Storyline. Adventure in the open eastern World
There are stories waiting to be told; worlds to be found; battles to be fought. Experience the eastern fantasy world

Class Transfer. Choose to Become God or Demon
Maintain as a divine warrior, or you would like to gain the force of demons and become as one member of the chaos? All depend on you.

Abundant Outfits. Dress Up for the Latest Warrior
Check your Armoire, there are different clothes, weapon skins and battle wings available.

Tame Divine Beasts. Get the Adventure Pet
Ready to face the Great Whale and the Northern Dragon? Can you tame them as your own pet? Gain the force from the beasts!

Squad Up and Fight. Multiplayer online arena
Are you looking for a great union? Create your own guild or join someone else’s guild! Don’t forget to invite your friends and squad up.

Challenge the Dungeons. Collect the Rare Items
Challenge the monster bosses in the dungeons, you will be rewarded with rare items for your courage. You may collect legendary weapons from the battlegrounds!

Auction System. Available for Every One
You have some left over gears and items? Take part in the trade system, sell your items and buying something from others! Someone may have the precious items to sell, are you the lucky buyer?

Customization Feature.Character-shaping as you wish
Customize your character, with large amount of outfits and gears.

Follow Blade Fantasy Facebook page, get news and more rewards!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic?

Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic is a MMORPG mobile game with an eastern fantasy theme that offers dazzling wings, supreme gear, high-ranking weapons, rare items, and fantastic costumes to enhance your combat power.

What is the gameplay like in Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic?

In Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic, players can experience an open eastern fantasy world with a breathtaking storyline. They can choose to become either a divine warrior or a member of the chaos, and can dress up their characters with different outfits, weapon skins, and battle wings. Players can also tame divine beasts, join guilds, challenge dungeons, participate in the auction system, and customize their characters to their liking.

How can I get SSR Deamon in Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic?

You can download Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic to get SSR Deamon.

Can I play Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic with my friends?

Yes, you can invite your friends to join you in Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic. You can create your own guild or join someone else's guild to squad up and fight together in multiplayer online arenas.

Are there rare items in Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic?

Yes, by challenging monster bosses in dungeons, you can collect rare items as rewards. You can also collect legendary weapons from battlegrounds.

Is there a customization feature in Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic?

Yes, Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic offers a customization feature where you can customize your character with a large variety of outfits and gears.

Where can I find news and more rewards for Blade Fantasy-Immortal Epic?

You can follow the Blade Fantasy Facebook page at to get news and more rewards.
love it
Kyle patrick Aromas
Great game, good graphics, and runs smooth.
D Stover
Such a great game, I would definitely recommend this game to my friends 😀
Mj Cabarrubias
Good game
Osus Gaming
So far so good
Akuma Malakai