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About Sword Fantasy Online - Anime RPG Action MMO

Sit back and enjoy a fantasy world full of epic heroes, comical monsters, and nonstop actions. Rediscover the fun of mobile RPG again! 😜

Join today to claim your free Heroes and Gems from the generous 7 Days Beginner Login Event. 😉
No ads, 100% fun, loved by many, let's experience this unique indie game!
This anime RPG game is in English but easy to understand.
The innovative vertical game design is super convenient for playing with just one hand, have your fun anywhere!

◎ Game Intro ◎
Combo a sword art that knocks the boss off the ground then chain a flurry of strikes to destroy them mid-air! Pick up and play anytime, every battle will be a fun pleasure in this action RPG game.
Sword Fantasy Online is an indie anime game that crossing cute cartoon characters, fun manga story, hot anime girls with MMO RPG elements like online PVP arena, clan wars, clan bosses into one ultimate anime RPG online and tales of adventure!

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Player Community Discord Text Chat:

◎ Game Features ◎
⚔️ Action MMORPG with Innovative Single Hand Control ⚔️
This fun acg online anime games combine ARPG with classic MMO. Control blade knight or wizard, perform blazing blades attack, magic, dodge, run, dash, hack and slash actions smoothly with one hand. Unleash impact sword art or magic combo, play skill based fighting games. This pocket action RPG chronicle is perfect as idle games on the go!

🐲 Epic Boss 🐲
Master the demon slayer blade soul, rev with magic power in this ARPG. Don the fate of master mage lineage or blades knight grand, chase monsters and heroes, charge into dozens of dungeon boss fights. Like in arcade fighting 2D anime games, learn boss actions in epic battles, use tactics to win final in this epic fantasy RPG fighting game!
Be the best demon slayer in this epic tales of fantasy JRPG! Fight dozens of epic bosses inspired from the seven deadly sins, like the ancient black dragon, titan stone golem, thor, vampire lord prince, void dark knight… each of the seven deadly sins bosses has unique attack patterns. To return in one piece, run escape then chase with magic and sword art, online RPG arcade fighting actions are endless fun!

👯 Beautiful Art & Hot Anime Girls 👯
Exclusive to acg anime games, master dozens of moe anime waifu girls in this ARPG focused on cartoon battle girls. Cute, sassy, brave, princess, angel, valkyrie, connect with all persona of chibi anime girl waifu from otaku dream. The crossing waifu persona includes a princess mage girl who summon dragons, a brave knight girl from the grand order, a blade soul monkey king, a demon slayer ninja girl, a thor hammer lightning girl crossover, and more in this indie game!
Train cute chibi maids into otaku waifu like dating sim mini games. Lets ro if you love crossover chibi JRPG tales, arcade blades fight, 2D acg anime games, or idle AFK games.

💬 Online MMORPG Social Clan & Mini Games 💬
Sword Fantasy Online is a grand multiplayer online RPG and social MMO crossing worldwide. Walk or AFK idle in the maple town, emoji chat, join crossing clan events and choose clan emblem, clash in PVP RPG Arena, fight ragnarok fire World Boss.
In this cutest maple fantasy RPG, play mini 2D cartoon games like training waifu maids, hunt monster soul piece, treasure hunt, raid rune, void land, brave the frontier, ragnarok battle, and summon gacha! Play active or afk idle, quests to level up. In this indie anime MMORPG, impact the world fate, find relics of origin in the void!

💎 Daily Free Gems & Free to Play Friendly 💎
SFO strives to be the best 2D epic fantasy action RPG anime games. Collect Gems from the maple quest land, origin events, comics story lane legend. One piece of advice, claim free afk summon gacha daily. Be a legend fantasy star in this acg online RPG and shine starlight brightly!

Business E-mail: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Sword Fantasy Online?

Sword Fantasy Online is an anime RPG action MMO game that features epic heroes, comical monsters, and nonstop action.

Is Sword Fantasy Online a free game?

Yes, Sword Fantasy Online is a free to play game. The game is free to download and play, and it also offers daily free gems.
The story is so so but the gameplay is very smooth plus quite a lot of freebies, especially in the first week of playing. Its not as complicated as similar games like ragnarok or grand chase, but it is simpl...
Afia Dunning
First time download it kept saying communicating, I reinstalled and resolved the issue. Tried the game and the game seems to be qutie enjoyable. I always liked the combo style battle. The game does not excee...
Candia Brasier
The mount evolution is not available, can you fix it?
Jacob Barnhill
I’m liking This game a lot. The combat has some tactics to it, but you still need to use the materials to get to upgrade the heroes you get. so far I haven’t had and problems while playing. Although, I’ve on...
Travonta Gillogley
I love This game. The gameplay mechanics are fun, there’s a great variety of heroes that can be built up over time, lots of fun play modes. I used to play tales of wind, so this games art style caught my eye.
Reighan Kinnier
The visual styling of this game is cute and comfortable. The tutorial can be a little bit better. It can feel too easy for experienced jrpg gamers like me. Fantasy games setting with anime maid waifu, that e...
Kyriaki Golagley