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About Dynasty Scrolls

Break history and wreck the meta! Asia's beloved RPG released in English with a new tutorial & jacked up rewards to gently guide you into the ultra-violent wastelands!

【Free stuff! Great values! 】

Enjoy tons of rewards every day! Get 20 lucky draws for free upon login to the game. Get the famous legend Zhao Yun for free after logging in for seven days. Get up to 30,000 Gold, an exclusive skin for free within the first week! A lot of bonuses will help you grow fast!

【Top-class character paintings, reshaping Chinese legends】

We created a wonderful game world with a combination of fantasy and real history! Hundreds of top-class painters work hard to create a brand new design of the epic heroes with the combination of classics and modern tastes. We use fantasy paintings to reshape the famous stories.

【Strategic Combos! Choose your own ultimate skills!】

An advanced combo system gives you the freedom to craft your own strategy. Dozens of combos and synergies are at your disposal! A variety of training paths await. Fight with your wisdom and courage! Smooth cinematic battles give you ultimate visual experience!

【Evolve historical scenarios or experience the tactical RPG campaign mode】

The game has a unique Historical mode which combines the fun of a top-down RPG game with an advanced tactical battle system. Meanwhile, you may become legendary heroes like Zhao Yun and Lu Bu to re-experience the epic historical battles and create your own stories. There is always something to do no matter what level you are!

【Gathering together to fight for your Legion】

Once we become brothers and sisters, we will fight until the end of the world! Grow your legend with your friends. Fight against the most dangerous enemies and explore the mysterious Instances. Keep developing and growing to conquer the world.

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This game is hella fun to play and its a whole meme game the dialogue are very funny
Hokori Miyamoto
its ok for now since its a new game, im still playing and hoping to get a better game experience
Lightbearer Εωσφόρος
Seems pretty good so far; will update review as I go along
The crunch Liu
Love everything about it, in game I'm Gorochu in server 2, top player in there, love it so far
Cesar_ 214
The game itself is in my opinion very good, I have nothing to complaint but one thing is about the chat system, some words are sensor in a weird way, it even sensored the recommended sentence that are given ...
Công Tôn Sách
Great year end game 2020
Luci Santiago