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About Epic Summoners: Hero Legends - Fun Free Idle Game

The alliances of Good and Evil have been forged. The final battle between epic warriors and action heroes on both sides is about to start. Ride the crest of the Idle RPG wave with Epic Summoners! Fight against one, three or even 7 epic summoners and fighters! Prepare your warriors for the definitive seven battles in this offline war game!

Prepare summoner heroes for the fight. Join friends and players from across the globe as you embark on an epic action journey of enchantment to explore the Magic Ladder and the secrets contained deep within. Lead your epic action war troops -battle heroes and epic warriors- into the light and overcome all battle challenges that lay before you to emerge victorious in an epic war! The world's destiny is in your tactics destiny warriors!

Summoners game you will be able to reunite a troop of warriors, battle with your favourite soldier, and get the best experience of the whole epic journey. If you like battle games, you will love Epic Summoners. Choose your favorite warrior hero and start winning battles.

Summoner heroes can’t wait to fight auto-battles against the enemy on your behalf! Recruit and gain experience with every powerful war troops and epic legendary heroes in the rpg battle of this idle game!
Equipment and summoner legendary heroes in a warrior troops challenge is waiting for you! victorious battlegrounds!
Earn awesome epic combat rewards even when you’re offline. No need to stress when life calls! tactics destiny warriors!

War troops fight tactics and alliances and maneuver with your legendary powerful war hero to secure victory, it's your free action RPG destiny!
Collect, upgrade and use your equipment wisely to show off your strength as leader on an legendary epic adventure game!
Simple, yet effective strategy combat allows to enjoy this magic RPG at home or on the go! Plan your characters tactics and war troops maneuver and dominate the battlefield to defeat every war hero and enemy warriors adventure troops! The war destiny is on the battlefield! Live the thrills of this epic and magic war!

Summon and recruit summoner heroes and epic warriors troops, deploy, defend, fight, collect and upgrade to accomplish your free RPG challenge!
Between the Expedition Airship, Battlefield Arena, Magic Ladder and Wishing Pond, there’s a huge world to explore in this idle epic war game and new creatures to find!
Your interest will never waver with our steady stream of great fighting war! Challenge your friends, claim victory and defeat players from all over the world in this free action warrior hero action RPG!

Exquisite legendary heroes' aesthetics and creatures artwork in this free action RPG challenge adventure full of fighting!
Jaw dropping epic combat and maneuver animations in the battlefield arena and awe inspiring action battle challenge effects!

Step into our powerful battle warriors free challenge RPG Arena and compete with skilled players from all over the world! Make alliances and recruit new summoner heroes and magic legendary warriors troops with different fighting abilities to defeat every evil enemy!
Change tactics and epic action maneuver and defeat rivals to see your name climb the rankings and beat your friends best scores!
Win awesome battle rewards on your way to claiming the ultimate victory wih army in this free action hero war idle game!

Start now this epic combat action adventure with best legendary tactics war hero and epic warriors action in a fantasy adventure with different creatures and battlegrounds in a non-stop free RPG! Destiny is to lead your magic summoner legendary heroes guild army and war troops in a free battle adventure to the death!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Epic Summoners: Hero Legends?

Epic Summoners: Hero Legends is a fun free idle game that features battles between alliances of Good and Evil. Players can recruit and train summoner heroes to fight against epic warriors and action heroes in offline war battles.

Can I play Epic Summoners on my own?

Yes, you can play Epic Summoners on your own. The game allows you to recruit and control a troop of warriors to battle with your favorite soldier and experience an epic journey.

What is the gameplay like in Epic Summoners?

The gameplay in Epic Summoners involves engaging in tactical and strategic battles. Players can collect and upgrade equipment and summoner legendary heroes to secure victory. The game also offers auto-battles, allowing players to enjoy the action even when they're offline.

Is Epic Summoners a strategy game?

Yes, Epic Summoners is a strategy game. Players need to plan their characters' tactics and war troops' maneuvers to dominate the battlefield and defeat enemy warriors and heroes.

Can I compete with other players in Epic Summoners?

Yes, you can compete with other players in Epic Summoners. The game has an Arena where you can challenge skilled players from all over the world. You can also form alliances, recruit new summoner heroes, and compete for rankings and rewards.

Does Epic Summoners have high-quality visuals and audio?

Yes, Epic Summoners offers a high-quality visual and audio experience. The game features exquisite artwork for legendary heroes and creatures, as well as impressive combat animations and effects.

How can I contact the Epic Summoners team?

You can contact the Epic Summoners team by emailing them at [email protected]. You can also connect with them on Facebook at
Still learning but the Epic Summons is very interesting i enjoy a challenge thank you
Christine Tatro
Onin Onin
very nice game
Nino Torena
Į play'd before 2yers,verry good game,who like strategy games,you like this game
Justas Navikas
for me gems dragon city
Gao Ba
Fun game
J.r. Amaral