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About Infinity Battle Party

NEW Infinity Battle Wars are about to begin

This town needs YOU to fend off monster invaders in this P2E tower defense game!
Get ready for Infinity Battle Random Wars! Collect characters, magic cards, fight online PVP battles in this newest crypto free-to-play.

- Real-time PVP battles with global matching
- PVE, PVP, Co-Op, Solo, Team and Boss Battle
- Claim victory on the Battle city and earn crypto, play-to-earn style!

■ RPG Style Heroes
Unlock strong heroes to recruit on your Infinity Team

■ Global Ranking
Compete to climb the global ranking and earn game crypto tokens

■ Tower Defense
- An unseen before addition to a classic tower defense genre - enjoy millions of possible strategies
- Boost your team's ATK, CRIT Chance, create Synergy, increase Damage Range, decrease monsters HP, Speed and so on - it gets technical!

Tap into the Infinity together with Infinity Party Battle today!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Infinity Battle Party?

Infinity Battle Party is a P2E tower defense game where players fend off monster invaders and participate in real-time PVP battles.

What are the features of Infinity Battle Party?

The game features real-time PVP battles with global matching, various gameplay modes like PVE, PVP, Co-Op, Solo, Team, and Boss Battle, and the opportunity to earn crypto by claiming victories on the Battle city.

How can I unlock heroes in Infinity Battle Party?

To unlock heroes in Infinity Battle Party, you need to progress in the game and recruit them to your Infinity Team.

Can I compete with other players in global rankings?

Yes, you can compete with other players on the global ranking system and earn game crypto tokens.

What makes the tower defense element of Infinity Battle Party unique?

The tower defense element in Infinity Battle Party offers an unseen before addition to the classic genre, providing players with millions of possible strategies to boost their team's attributes, create synergy, and customize gameplay in a technical way.

Is Infinity Party Battle available to play now?

Yes, you can start playing Infinity Party Battle today and experience the excitement of fending off monster invaders and participating in epic battles.