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About Civilization War - Battle Strategy War Game

Prepare yourself for an all-out war between civilizations, where only the strongest will survive!

Pick your side, build up an empire, and join a fierce alliance to become the most powerful civilization the world has ever seen!

In this strategy-driven PvP game, you take the throne as the lord of a once-powerful civilization that has been ransacked by your enemies. You must build your civilization from scratch, designing a brand-new kingdom and preparing it for PvP war. Discover new buildings and goods, explore an open world, and build up your castle defenses.

Once you’ve created a mighty civilization you will create alliances with other players, clash in massive PvP battles, and conquer new territory! Are you ready to march a powerful army over your rivals’ territory? Download Civilization War now and create your own legendary civilization!

New Civilization War players can use the Promotion Code "Sailfornewland" to unlock bonus rewards
① Copy the promotion code "Sailfornewland"
② Open Civilization War
③ Click “User Profile” on the top left
④ Click “Environment Settings” button
⑤ Click “Gift Code”
⑥ Enter User Gift Code
⑦ Check your email

Civilization War Features:

Forge a Powerful Civilization
▪️ Build your empire from scratch and watch your kingdom rise from a small village to a thriving advanced civilization
▪️ Advance your civilization through the ages, all the way from the Stone and Bronze ages to modern times
▪️ Erect garrisons for your troops, cavalry stables, and hospitals to raise and maintain a legendary army
▪️ Build churches, taverns, and universities to educate and entertain your citizens
▪️ Unlock historically famous national treasures to bring special attributes to your civilization

Command your Empire
▪️ Decide whether to conquer as one of the great Eastern or Western Civilizations
▪️ Conquer from the east with powerful dynasties, such as the Qing or Ming, or from legendary empires like the Mongol Empire
▪️ Attack from the west using a capable western civilization. Choose among the modern French or Russian empires, or ancient civilizations like the Roman Empire
▪️ Dominate your rivals using historically accurate tactics from your respective civilization

Wage MMO PvP war
▪️ Total war is in the palm of your hands! PvP battles against individual civilizations and rival alliances in the quest for domination in real-time
▪️ Scout out enemy castles to gain intelligence on their troops’ levels and resources
▪️ Attack enemy kingdoms in massive MMO conflicts to decide who will rule the world
▪️ Destroy bandits roaming from kingdom to kingdom, hungry for your civilization’s precious resources

Join an Alliance
▪️ Partner up with your brothers-in-arms and fight alongside other Civilization War members, forming alliances in the conquest for new continents
▪️ Gain a unique reward from joining your first alliance to further advance your strategy
▪️ Create your own alliance an existing one
▪️ Message fellow alliance members to coordinate attacks or defend against onslaughts from your rivals

Design your Army
▪️ Train your cavalry, archers, and infantry to take on your enemies and claim new lands
▪️ Research dozens of new skills and tactics to make your army the most feared combatants in the world
▪️ Create a strategy so your army can both defend against PvP attacks and dominate your opponents

Conquer New Territory
▪️ Open the world map and explore a massive open world with new territory to add to your civilization
▪️ Fight against other players across continents in the quest for world domination, gaining new resources to make your kingdom even more powerful

*Required access rights
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Needed to check various game settings and cache memory;
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Needed to check various game settings and cache memory.

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awesome game! give it a try!
S. Davis
Peter Gilbert
Join me
melany malangit
Very good but on our next update get the picture if ur profile less blurry and a auto translation button because it enough to press every time to see what they say
Daniel Varin
Not bad for team work & Feeling like king of kindom Previous I had given 4 star Now after about 3 months playing this game, I want to give 5 star. And for some feedback I want to say at kill event, if possib...
Sushil Varma भारतीय
This game are so good that who like civilization thought,and have a little hang.
Jamil bin Hitam