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About Stone of jordan - clan wars

Fantastic strategic idle RPG game!!! Rescue the prince (?!) captured by the demon king!

Please save the prince (?!) captured by the demon king "Asmodeus"!
It wasn't just the prince who took the demon king.
I also took the princess' ring, the legendary ring "Jordan's Ring".
You must save the prince and the stolen ring, and bring back happiness to the princess.

You can create powerful characters by combining various characters, items, skills, artifacts, and runes.


■ Item production: Will the items I make drop?
- When crafting an item, I have one item
10 (20) items are registered on the server, and many users will acquire them while playing the game.
- You can receive rewards when other users acquire your items.

■ Clan
- Win the clan war with your teammates and get awesome rewards.

■ Rest experience
- Gain experience and continue your endless journey even when you are resting!

■ Character composition
- There are various classes such as Warrior, Hunter, Wizard, Rogue, Priest, etc.
- You can create your own unique unit with each powerful and unique 6 skill combination.

■ Various character enhancement system
- Runes: Supports sophisticated character enhancement with 13 special rune systems for each class.
- Relic: A powerful weapon crafted by the "Ancient God".
- Item: A variety of items from Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Unique help you travel.
- Passive Skill Tree: Create your own character with various character enhancement skills over 500 nodes.

■ Free Daily Rewards
- Spin the "Lucky Wheel" every day to get great rewards.
- You can meet a special "item of the day" every day.
- There are a total of 100 reward items in the cart, each with a probability of 1/100 (1%).

■ Combat
- You can enjoy the game with various dungeons and raids.
- Tower of the Demon World: This is the den of the demon king who took the prince and ring.
- Raid: Clear the powerful raid boss with other users. Sometimes you can even compete with other users.
- Marathon: This is a competition game held for 3 days every odd day. If you are lucky, you can win even if your character is weak.

■ mine
- In order to craft items, you must dig hard in the mine for minerals.
- Goblins can help you.
- You can also manufacture various necessary resources.

■ prisoner
- There is always a shortage of gold in the game. Win battles with other users and take them as prisoners.
- You can acquire gold from the enemy captured as a prisoner at regular intervals.
- What if I got caught? of course! Revenge is possible!!!

■ Daejeon
- Compete with other users and increase your weekly battle rankings.
- The higher the opponent, the better the reward.

■ Adventure Map
- You can check where I am traveling on the adventure map.
- Don't forget the rewards given for each stage~
- Of course, other users near me can also check and compete.

- By downloading or installing this app, you agree to the terms and conditions of Jstonesoft. (Terms of use and privacy policy: )
- This game contains items that can be purchased in-app that can help your game progress. In-app purchases can be restricted through your device settings.
For more information, please refer to

[Game Inquiry]
요르단의 반지
If you have any questions about the game, please send an email to [email protected].

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