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About Epic War - Castle Alliance

Seize the throne and kingdom in an unknown adventure! Find your people, reign with love and wisdom. Spread your fame afar. Join this Epic War, conquer the world and write your own history!


🦸‍♂️Heroes with unique Professions
30 Heroes each with different professions and skills, collect, recruit and appoint your heroes to the most suitable role for each internal affairs to maximize the profit! Have your commanders upgraded, and arm them with crafted gears, you’d even get greater boosts and rewards! You can also interact, attack and capture your enemy troops commander.

🏰Detailed Simulation Management
All useful information is transparent and broken down into details for you to use. Plan ahead on how you’ll use your resources to achieve EFFICIENCY and ECONOMY!
Build your own empire is the foundation of survival! Expand your territory and upgrade various functional buildings in your city to collect resources in your farmland, train an unstoppable army, forge powerful equipment and research new technologies.

🛡Worthwhile Strategies
Adjust battle formations to counter your enemies; Take advantage of Fake Armies and Protective Shields to overcome tough moments; Make use of your talent points to boost your growth; Every single choice matters!

🧙‍♂️Forge a mighty army for challenging battles!
Strategize wisely for tactical collocation, tame dragons, mix different unit types (infantry, ranged, cavalry, siege etc.) for various combinations, and experience the thrill of war.

⚔Cross-Platform Multiplayer
Castlers around the world gather in the same servers despite the difference of OS! Group up with your friends, create holy alliances and support each other and fight side by side in immersive real-time combats and launch multiplayer wars against enemies in this Epic War. Accomplish remarkable achievements and bring the Victory home and lead your troop to the top of alliance ranking and let the world know your strength!

🍗HUGE map, Hours of Campaigns
HUGE map to explore, TONS of secrets to reveal. Live through the real-time battles, defeat the evil bosses and claim your exclusive rewards!

There can be no peace without war Castler. If there has to be one, WE WANT YOU to make it EPIC.

Epic War is free to download and play. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 9 years of age to play or download Epic War.

The game is hard at first especially if it is your first time downloading a war game. However, once you get to know the basics, the experience becomes more and more exciting. My best advice to those who are ...
Sharlene Mae Domingo
必须去瀏覽器打開網址 【㎞㎎.㏄】 上體驗這個遊戲的無限版。遊戲盒裡面幾千款全部都是無限版手遊滿VIP無限寶石無限元寶無限貨幣的遊戲。推薦玩滿V I P無限寶石無限元寶無限貨幣的遊戲,瀏覽器打開裡面的遊戲。經典就是經典。還是那個感覺。追憶曾經錯過的遊戲。開發商棒棒滴。遊戲盒裡面資源鑽石都是無限的,幾千款無限元寶版手遊。討論區都快爆滿了哈感謝官方每次都讓發放超多獎勵的,角色的內心的想法也被刻畫出來。不錯的屬性配置...
Love the game been spending money and I been playing it for nearly a year I have multiple accounts but there is some stuff like emperor battle where we can add like Addison baron or something like that where...
Pieter Theunissen